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Top 10 Natural Weather Disasters


TOP 10 NATURAL WEATHER DISASTERS From centuries, man has tried to predict the nature and its course. Unfortunately, he has failed badly, even with technologically advanced systems. Nature has a very peculiar course of its own. Now, it can be a sunny nice day and the other second, an earthquake hits, leaving only ruins. A thriving city now can be …

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Top 10 U.S.A Bike Trails


For people who enjoy biking, finding a popular trail isn’t that hard. It is all about what kind of place, distance, and geographical areas you want to go for biking. Here’s a list, made of top ten bike trails in the mountains of United States of America for bikers, so that you don’t get lost. From sharp turns to high …

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Top 10 Best Car Brands 2017


Top 10 Car Brands When it comes to car brands, there are many factors involved in choosing the top car brands in the market. Each year, J.D. Power releases its list of Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) study. This study is based on seventy-seven attributes of the measure of a vehicle, owner’s emotional attachment regarding their car and excitement. …

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