Top 10 PC games

Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag Best PC Games

We all love playing games. With the advancement of technology, we have moved from traditional games to video or PC games. PC games have been a huge hit among all age groups. There is a brilliant set of line-up of PC games. Here’s my pick of top 10 PC games.   10. Road Rash The one game that we all …

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Top 10 Places to visit in India

Karni Mata temple, Bikaner

India is a country of cultural diversity and unity. It has a lot of beautiful places that one must visit while they travel around. Here is a list of a few unusual but amazing places to visit in India. Pangong Tso, Ladakh Pangong Tso, which is  “long, narrow, enchanted lake”, also referred famously as  Pangong Lake, is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas situated at a …

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Top 10 Reasons to Stay Single

Hang out with your guy and girl friends

We live in the age where being committed is the most common thing. Each person has at least been in one relationship or am I under-estimating the current generation here? There are a thousand reasons why you need to be in a relationship that people keep talking about. Break the cliché, stay single. Staying single has its own perks that’s …

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Top 10 Coolest Halloween Party Ideas

Top 10 Coolest Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is here and we all love to either attend or throw cool Halloween parties. Before we give you the list of our top ten cool Halloween party ideas, let’s see how and where it all started, that’s the history of Halloween. Halloween is celebrated all over the world, in recent times, on the night of October 31. Halloween is …

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Top 10 Best Wines 2013

Top Ten Best Wines 2013

Wines come in different varieties and it is all on the taste of the wine and its overall performance which makes it good or bad. There are hundreds of experts judging the wines brands on the daily basis and they are announcing different wines to be the best based on their taste. Wines are categorized such as Best In Class, …

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Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants

Best Fast Food Restaurant Chains

Fast Food chains are one of the most popular restaurants in the world these days. People love to eat fast food and junk items because they are easy to eat and are of course delicious. Fast Food Restaurants have gathered a lot of attention these days and people are visiting these chains at lunch and mostly after their office timings …

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Top 10 Safest Countries in the World 2013

BAHRAIN - Safest Country in the World

Safety is one of the essential needs of any human being. Everyone wants to live in a safe place which is secure and where one is free to live life according to one’s will. The word “safe” is a broad term and covers a lot of variables, from freedom of speech and immunity to economical crisis to low crime rates …

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Top 10 Easy Jobs That Pay Well

Easy Jobs that Pay Well

People love to be wealthy and rich easily and quickly and there are indeed some easy jobs that pay you well. These easy jobs requires minimal effort with maximum pay and great rewards. As you will also see below doing these jobs do not require any high professional degree or qualification and the peace of mind found in all these …

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Top 10 Tips To Increase Page Rank

Increase Page Rank

Google Page rank is a rank given to blogs and websites which determine the quality of the content of the website. So many bloggers and webmasters are determined to increase Page rank. It is a measure of authority and reputation of a website and it rangers from 0 to 10. Where o is the lowest score and 10 states to …

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Top 10 Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy

Adequate Sleep At Night

Staying Fit and healthy is really important for us to live and enjoy a good life. Health is a great gift of God and we must take great measures to take care of our health properly. Eating spicy and fast foods and getting lazy all day long will make you prone to diseases and you will soon get bored of …

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