Top 10 Best Cosmetic Companies

7. Clinique Laboratories


Clinique Laboratories is a cosmetic company that manufactures skin care products, hair care products and fragrances. Evelyn Lauder created this brand in 1968. Clinique is the third product from Lauder groups. In 2008, Clinique entered into a partnership with Allergan. Allergan is a Botox company. Clinique is a division of holder companies. It is our number 7 spot in the list of top ten cosmetic companies.

6. Mary Kay


Mary Kay is a direct sale company that offers wide range of cosmetic products, skin care products and fragrances. Mary Kay has 3 Million salespeople worldwide. In 2011, its revenue was $ 2.9 billion. Mary Kay ash is the founder of the company. David Holl is the CEO of the company. In 1996 Mary Kay ash charitable foundation was formed. Many celebrities such as Jennifer Hanson, Miranda Lambert, Naomi Judd, Jewel provide support to the organization.

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  1. Oriflame achieved 4th place in the world top 10 cosmetics companies..proud to be a consultant of Oriflame family

  2. i'm proud to use Artistry products.. No 1…

  3. Artistry, just the best for our sking, because we deserve the best

  4. Artistry Essentials is one of the best

  5. Waaaaoooo contamos con los mejores cientificos. Estamos orgullosos de formar parte de la familia de AMWAY

  6. llevo mas de 20 años usando artistry, estoy contenta con el resultado obtenido, y es que amway constantemente esta investigando y mejorando su formulacion para que las personas disfrutemos de un buen estado de salud en nuestra piel de una forma facil, simple, rapida, eficaz y economica

  7. oriflame is always best all of 10 brands

  8. Cosmetic companies like LOreal, Oriflame, Mary Kay and Artistry, Estee Lauder, are maybe very good in their selling, but they are far far away from making the best cosmetics for human skin. Those are cheap creams with no more potential than vaseline and glycerin with water, they only have a nice packaging and good sales strategy. Their power is in fact only that almost everyone can afford them. And if not, that they have a special techniques to brain wash and force women to buy these products with massive campaigns and skillful woman sellers, who are making profit on the selling and sometimes are not even using the creams themselves. I have tried all the named one and the worst for my skin was Artistry and Estee Lauder – my skin worsen in few weeks so much that I had to throw the creams away. If women using those would use some really good creams from Clarins, Babor, Chanel, Sensai etc. than they would see a difference. The best is always harder to get. Well every woman can decide of what her skin is worth.

  9. It’s Puerto Rico no “Peurto Rice”

  10. I’d say Mary Kay Gel Semi-shine is the best lipstick I’ve ever used. I’m surprised none of their lipsticks made this list. Everyone I know prefers it to any other brand.

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