Top 10 Celebrity Voice Actors Who infilitrated Our Favorite Animated Shows

2. James Woods as: James Woods

An actor many of the younger audience of Family Guy might only know from watching Family Guy, James Woods is one of Family Guy’s most recurring celebrity voice actors. Wherever the Griffin Family turns, James Woods is always abound to cause some trouble, when least expected. Especially, after they Temple of Doomed him, by using Reese’s pieces to lure him to a simple box trap. I doubt Family Guy viewers have seen the last of him, as his last appearance was just him messing up Brian’s producing career. Who else but James Woods?

James Woods

1 Adam West as: Mayor Adam West

My inspiration for making this list, and the most recurring celebrity guest voice actor on Family Guy is: Adam West. West plays Mayor Adam West, the head of Quahog Rhode Island. Donning a normal, dark blue suit, instead of a spandex costume, he usually spends most of his time, well, not really getting much done. Often, anything he speaks of is of no help to who he’s talking to, and he often forgets what he was even doing in the first place. With his passing, it will be a sad day in Quahog, but I’m sure Seth and the crew will have a great homage, to the one and only mayor of Quahog Rhode Island.

Adam West

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