Top 10 Most Popular Bands

3. One Republic

Top 10 Most Popular Bands

One Republic is one of the best bands out there. Led by the amazing voice, lyrics and production of Ryan Tedder, the band only has one way to go: Up! One Republic recently came up with their new album, Native. The album is amazing and a treat for the fans. My gut feeling is that this album is going to sweep many music awards this year. With the release of the new album, the band’s popularity has risen even more.


  1. ColdPlay is one of my favorite. Usually, I go for shopping there for my friend.

  2. Well, I guess I am officially old. I have never heard of half of these bands, and most of the ones I have heard of do not make what I consider to be music.

  3. The wanted are not better than one direction

  4. Wanted are far better than the one direction….The quality of musics is classic…and lyrics are amazing….

  5. damn i thought hollywood undead would be number one

  6. 3 day grace,, imagine dragon? dude u really messed up , any way g00d job bub

  7. Linkin Park??

  8. Have u gone mad .one direction should be first

  9. Agreed. Coldplay is the number one band in the world today. That guy, Chris Martins, is solid as it gets, musical genius. Enjoy

  10. Imagine Dragon??

  11. One Direction is the best

  12. Angelina Gomez

    Excuse me 1D is the best band ever and I would like to meet that bitch who disagrees with me

  13. i luv one direction

  14. woah im suprised that those are the most famous dang!

  15. Bro where is Twenty one pilots they’re super popular now and were back then too.

  16. One direction is the biggest band on the planet .It should be On No.1 , no one even The Beatles didn’t got such success in very less time like 1D

  17. Dude are this your top 10???
    If not then where is beatles?!!!!

  18. Man where is LINKIN PARK?????? They started off with aone of the biggest albums ever…

  19. And whr is Linkin Park ??? Should it not be in the list ???… hell ……

  20. Based on opinion rather than fact, doesn’t even mention Metallica, Queen, or ACDC

  21. One direction is the best haters hate we don’t care we directioners are always there with one direction

  22. An Actual Researcher

    The Beatles by far are the most influential, most lyrical, and most known band in the world. They have sold over billions of albums and records (and that isn’t an assumption it is proven fact) They deserve top spot because they are so influential that they can never not be popular.

  23. where is Linkin park they are one the most popular band in the world

  24. Where’s sabbath? Zeppelin? Nirvana?iron maiden?twisted sister?dio? This list is bullshit I agree with system of a down,being on there but they should be number 3 also whereas 5fdp

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