Top 10 Safest Countries in the World 2017 (updated)

3. Norway

Safest countries to Live - 2014

A small island country: Nordic (Norway), is by far, the safest and secure country, of all Scandinavian countries. Norway is a prosperous nation and has a great ancient history. Extremely cold, the temperature in Norway can reach up to -40F in winters. The summer is moderate and lovely. Norway is also famous for its beaches.

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  1. Wooow …What a beautiful world.
    Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka has a history dating back to the birth of time. It is a place where the original soul of Buddhism still flourishes and where nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoilt.

    Few places in the world can offer the traveller such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences within such a compact location. Within a mere area of 65,610 kilometres lie 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 1,330 kilometres of coastline – much of it pristine beach – 15 national parks showcasing an abundance of wildlife, nearly 500,000 acres of lush tea estates, 250 acres of botanical gardens, 350 waterfalls, 25,000 water bodies, to a culture that extends back to over 2,500 years.

    This is an island of magical proportions, once known as Serendib, Taprobane, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and Ceylon. Discover refreshingly Sri Lanka!

    • Watch out for bombs on the beach!

    • Lol actually whoever wrote this New Zealand Is Actually A pretty Dangerous Place not “Safest Country” but yes Very So Beautiful I want to go there myself But out of all this the worlds Dangerous Country is Australia Their criminal Population is over 6 MIL!
      And Sweden is The safest Country The criminal pop is only 5 There has only been 5 criminals ever seen in Sweden And I should know I live In Sweden And all the over Scandinavian Countries like Norway Finland Denmark they are the same but Iceland & Greenland They are A little more criminal Places But Sweden is the Number 1 safest Country New Zealand is the Number 36 Australia is the Dangerous Country

      • Ok Sven you must have something against Australia because Australia is better than nz! Say wow so cool if agreeing with me.

      • I’m Sven I think my country nz is beautiful I want to marry it mwa mwa mwaaa ok I am me now Sven have seen America you are allowed to hold a fricken gun! You doof Australia is great and at least I am not you who wants to marry his country!! Oh btw I am watching tv and It just said : NZ unsafe Australia safe babowm point me minus point Sven!! You are really weird….

      • You are an idiot. You really believe over a 1/4 of Australians are criminals? You do realize the population of Australia is 23 million.

        FYI, Australia’s homicide rate is 1.1 per 100,000 and New Zealand’s rate is 0.9 per 100,000 while 2 other countries on the list, Canada and Finland, have a homicide rate of 1.6 per 100,000. Also Sweden’s is 0.89. Merely 0.1% less than New Zealand. Even though low homicide rate doesn’t mean low crime it is a good indicater of how safe a place is.

        Stop spewing garbage thank you.

      • You are an absolute waste of space on this earth. To say “Australia has a criminal population of 6 million truly reflects how stupid and big headed you are you lonely uneducated Biggott.
        Go eat some more mushrooms and do the world a favor and end your life

  2. born and raised in NZ, couldn’t agree more. My country really is the most beautiful/safest country there is!


    Thank you, it is good to know about these facts.

  4. …I think with this list you should also define what you take into account when using the term ‘safe’. I don’t find active volcanoes very safe. I’d take in violent crime rates, government, natural disasters, disease and the density of bugs animals and plants that will cause you serious harm. A side consideration would be how safe it is for foreigners to be there (sex trade, scams, kidnapping)

  5. Not sure where you’re getting your info from, New Zealand has a violent society and has become increasingly so every decade, we have an appalling child abuse/murder rate, and a weak pathetic legal system that does little more then slap criminals on the wrist.

  6. I wish UK was part of this… but I can see why its not included 🙂

  7. I know Singapore is very safe.

    Austria – while safe- has had some nasty episodes of racial attacks- it might not be very safe for a Black African or African American tourist.

    Note that most of these nations have almost no Africans- Canada the most. They are almost uniformly expensive. Singapore is very expensive as is Denmark, etc.

  8. I would rate Singapore as top 10 countries. Low crime rate, fast crime solving cases like kidnap or murders. With no natural disaster. But a very expensive country thou.

  9. Sorry I meant Singapore should be in the top 3. Stable gov and low corruptions. Cleanliness is top notch but they ban chewing gums and a lot of places you can’t smoke.

  10. Seems like no one is taking nuclear plants into consideration while listing these countries. Japan shouldn’t be on the list. With there nuclear fall out and nearly dead seas certainly isnt the safest country health wise. No to mention aren’t they in the ring of fire gor earthquakes?

  11. Australia would rank 1, it has a very low crime rate and its among top ranked safest countries along with an economy that driven by its natural resources. It has a very safe and productive tourist industry.

    • I agree with you Peter I emigrated to Western Australia in 1982 and although a little isolated it is a cleaner and safer place to live and be!
      Thank you for your opinion


  12. NZ is the Most memorable and deserving place in top. Strongly agree that New Zealand is the only most safest country out of all.

  13. I live in the South Island of NZ and would say the South Island is ok -Considering Safest parts but not the North Island, we drove our motor home around there and were told certain place not to park as it would not be safe for us, a lot of places we went to had gang members especially Auckland, we had a couple of drinks around Taupo and we advised not to go certain places around there by friends,

    • Wow to be honest that is really rude to judge the whole of the north island, especially Auckland BASED on where you visited. Don’t be rude and mock your country. I’ve lived in Auckland my whole life and not once have I had a family vehicle stolen, been robbed or been attacked, but with people like you to announce the bad parts of the North Island to the world is just disgusting and rude.

    • What’ an ignorant fool.

      So based on what people say without any experience from your end?

      Don’t make assumptions if you haven’t experience anything!

  14. Canada, is seen to be a very safest place. They support peace in other Countries.

    • Sean, Canada is safest country but they are sending armies to other countries for War. I don’t think they support peace a lot. but its remarkable that they are still able to get ranked in safest countries list.

      • I agree about Canada, They are well known to be a kind people and its safe there, as for there army, I don’t hold that against them, they are a part of NATO and they have to pull there weight when asked, but they did not go into Iraq when all that happened they knew it was wrong and they proved to be right,They have a small population in the second biggest Country in the world, they are sending soldiers to Poland and others but they are being asked for help, Russia is making a lot of Countries nervous but like I said I don’t hold that against them at all, The Canadians are known to help other Countries when asked, They do not have a big army but they have good soldiers, And no Im not Canadian, I had to do a school project on Canada so I am up dated on there politics and military history, I was shocked what this small populated Country did in all the wars, they are quite good at it,

  15. I disagree about Singapore. I find it dirty and smelly in some places. The author merely looks at a few best parts of the country. Safest COuntry… Maybe, comparing to the neighboring countries.

    • Well dear Ky i agree with you it might not be good health wise but the author seem to have written the list of safest countries according to robberies, crimes and peace perspective.

    • what are you kidding me are you saying that singapore is dirty

  16. Hey! Where is the Serbia ? Serbia is a safest country to visit! -_-

  17. where’s Dubai???
    It must have been included in the most safest countries list.

  18. “Iceland is a country full of volcanoes and it is a place of continuous volcanoes eruptions so you wish to see volcanoes erupting this summer. Bag your packs and go to Iceland to enjoy peaceful ride.”

    First of all… “bag your packs”??? And how many times did I read “the most safest country”… seriously… how about some proof-readers?

    Secondly, how the hell can an island that is constantly erupting be considered one of the safest? It is clear that this article was written from a very limited perspective when considering definitions of “safety.”

    This top 10 list is NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

    • Umm…Sorry Apoc. We have now proofread the article.. I am really sorry for the bad english the author used while writing the list of safest countries.

  19. This article (Safest Countries) needs a heck of a lot of proofreading but still got the info of safest countries in the world. Hopefully its legit

  20. I wish to go to any of these safest countries and enjoy my life with my family. Importance of safest countries has now increased a lot in these days of restlessness.

  21. The UK has to be the most safest country.
    – No active fault lines
    – Guns are practically illegal (only those with a license for a gun can have one)
    – NHS
    – Pretty low crime rate compared to minority of other countries
    – Good road system
    – Smart people whom respect one another (ignore the declining idiotic chavs)

  22. Amadis Daiwess

    Everyone forgot OMAN. Oman should rank in the top 5 most safe places in the world. Nothing happens here. I live here. I should know. Muscat is clean and orderly. Everything is organized and clean.
    There is no crime here. Expat women will tell you that sometimes some men may harass them. That’s the extent of crime. My wife goes everywhere alone and no one has ever even looked at her. I’ve never seen anything that remotely made me think I was in danger. Yes. Let’s put beautiful authentic refreshing OMAN as a nation of PEACE.
    Free of alcohol. Free of pornography. Free of crime. Free of prostitution. Free of drugs. And free of terrorists.

  23. I think the list is quite deceptive. Yes, Iceland is nice, but it is sitting between tectonic plates with immense destructive powers. Yes, Japan is nice, but Tokyo is sitting next to a volcano, not to mention Japan’s propensity for earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. I suppose one can make the case that in geologic time, no place on earth is really safe.

  24. Umm.. Don’t mean to sound rude or anything? But where is Australia? Australia is a pretty safe country… Maybe not as stable but still very safe.

  25. new zealand is the most awesome and safest place in the world. there are rarely any murders, most people you meet are really nice.

  26. I think Ireland should be in this list! We have never had any natural disasters, the weather at the moment is truly beautiful, more than most of us are used to. Also we don’t have a big crime rate at all. We have no dangerous animals or wildlife, we are also supposed to have extremely friendly people, and we do. Also, we have beautiful tourist spots like the cliffs of Moher, the burren ( I recommend this, beautiful scenery and flowers and wildlife, and much much more. Also, we don’t have any gun stores, so no random person can buy a pistol or anything. It’s illegal here for just anyone to have a gun. Our police rarely carry guns, as they never need to, but during festivals or anything crowded they do sometimes carry revolvers. I’m just saying, Ireland is definatley supposed to be on this list. It really seems like this list was more of a holiday suggestions list, not many of these countries are safe, so maybe you should redo the list. Honestly this title was quite misleading. Any one agree?

  27. America is not safe at all! Btw I did not read the text boring!! America is a place where you can hold a gun when you are walking the streets! My brother told me that in Brazil every 30 mins a child gets kidnapped my list is from top ten.
    I don’t know any other ones because I don’t travel a lot and Sven you are totes bragging !! So shoosh plz…

  28. Yes i know its very beautiful country and i love living here but i think it should be the most dangerous country at the moment. A man just got stabbed and killed on 07/08/14 after he bought a evening meal for himself and his partner. Somebody came and stabbed him took all his personal belongings and bashed his wife while large amount of vehicles just drove past, did not bother to stop and help that man. Crime is increasing day by day and Police is very busy just writing Infringement Tickets to people instead of catching the criminals and giving them punishments. We are working hard and paying Tax while welfare giving all our tax money to these criminals. This country should be on dangerous list now not on the safe side.

  29. David Wrightsman

    Japan would not make my list considering its historical problem with earthquakes and tsunamis. The fukashima plant no. 2 is still quite toxic and the world has not yet seen the final results of the radiation that had been released. Factor in that being situation on the plate-tonics ring of fire, that there is no guarantee that another major earthquake and tsunami could cause even great damage, Japan, despite all the good, in the long run would be removed from any list of top 10’s I would produce.

  30. Tbh I think New Zealand is one of the safest places in the world, if u disagree u probably haven’t even been there yet.

  31. NZ is the Most memorable and deserving place in top.

  32. First of all I just wanna say. I am from Norway, and I live in Norway and I am 100% norwegian, and Norway is one of the best places to live in the world, when it comes to justis and democrasy, that is a good thing about Norway. But Norway is also a country with a very bad drinking and drug culture, and there is a lot of crime here, so it is in my opinion NOT one of the 10 safest countries in the world…. I am an adult man, and I am physical and mental strong, but still I am very afrade to walk outside in Norway in the evening alone, its a huge risk to take. I do not recomend anyone to visit Norway alone… I live in a very small area in Norway, and its far away from an urban area, but still the police have a lot to do here, even polish people living in Norway tells me that living in Poland feel much safer than living here, and I have been there as a tourist, and the athmosphare in Poland is much more peaceful than the athmosphare here in Norway

  33. I think the author should have included other important factors such as natural hazards. NZ, Iceland and Japan have many earthquakes; Iceland and Japan have active volcanoes; certain areas in Japan are highlly polluted because of radiation from leakage from damaged power plants caused by the massive earthquakes in 2011. I live in Japan but I’m seriously considering moving to another country because of earthquakes and radiation and some wealthy & mobile people already have already moved out of Japan.

  34. The 10 most boring countries in the world right there.

  35. I wonder where you get your facts from? Sweden is absolutely a safe country but its is really NOT a safe thing to walk through any big cities here like Stockholm, Malmö or Gothenburg by night… We have organized crime, drunk and aggressive people, rapists, robbers, murderers and so on also here in Sweden. And it’s not that uncommon as to recommend anyone to go out walking late at night around in the Swedish cities.
    And my main question: where the heck in Sweden can you go ice skating in the mid summer? We have snow/ice maybe November through April normally. So if you don’t mean an ice skating arena indoors, Which most countries have, I really wonder what you mean by that. And mountains everywhere? Well in the north of Sweden we have a lot of mountains but where most people live: probably not more mountains than any other country.
    I don’t know why I care about these bad facts but I feel like, how can I trust the rest of the info, if the info I know of is not true?

  36. safest country in the world where there is peace,no criminality, safe, simple a wonderful place

  37. why is usa not it because of its high crime rates

  38. The U.S. is AWFUL! I need to leave this country. I'm literally scared for me and my son's life here. The country is controlled by bankers and they shove advertisements and subliminal messages down our throats. I hate it here. Don't ever move to the U.S.! Don't be fooled!

  39. Sorry me and my parents moved here already

  40. But I really love japan and Norway

  41. Kobato Hanato Norway is boring place but Japan rocks. US is safe but depends on where you live. Still highest crime rates come from USA. Too many criminals there…

  42. i love japan

  43. Norway is safe if you are not a labor supporter.

  44. Jonathan A. Taylor

    America is the greatest place to be in the entire world. Our diversity is our strength and without it we wouldn't be cultivating some of the world's greatest people to advance our freedom inspired life. Yes there's greedy, self absorbed, and other forms of shady folks but no one said you have to buy what they're selling or accept their views. If our country is bad it's because we have allowed it. America is for the people so how are you treating your home?

    • I am interested a bout the Canadian border compared to the Mexican border, Why is it so hard for the USA to stop immagrants getting over the border there but you don’t seem to have the same problem with the Canadians, Even though the U.S and Canadian border is 2 times bigger,We hear a lot about that in Europe, We have the same problem here with immagrants,, don’t have a problem with the legal ones but its the illegal ones that puts a strain on our economy, Is it your governments get along better with Canada over the Mexican government or is it something else, just curious, Maybe we can change our ways to stop the illegals coming in like the USA and Canada have seem to have done together,

  45. Kris Best I wish i could move too but i am stuck here … : (

  46. i dont see how new zealand has a tough and strict justice system when you only get 10 years for murder or 35 years for 5 murders… i am from south auckland new zealand and its not safe i was looking at this to try find somewhere safe to live…………

  47. The US is one of the least safe countries, among the developed world.

    They have a homocide rate more than 10x that of japan or singapore.

    They're not even a functioning democracy anymore, but an oligarchy.

    When comparing them with the world as a whole they're somewhere in the middle. Average at best when looking at safety and crime.

  48. Whaaat y hay un pais llamado iceland? whaaaaat!

  49. Just like the URSS was safe if you were a labor supporter.

  50. Hi Peter nice to see your opinion here as I visited this to see if New Zealand is safe, I am thinking of going there to work with my teenager son and I would like to know your opinion, if is safe to live there and schools, please

  51. Stop being a little bitch ya shit. Move to Antartica if you are so scared of other people.

  52. I live in nz. The law is not strict at all but we don't have much murders either. We are very lucky

  53. I have made the worst mistake of my life to move to the USA. I want to leave!!!!!!!!! I now have 4 children and it is difficult to leave as their father will not permit. Never come here! Keep your family away.

  54. Try to live in Mexico… god what a mess of country

  55. I am Mexican American and I've been to Mexico plenty of times. It's really scary. I moved from the US with my husband and 3 kids to Dubai mostly because America is not a good place to raise kids and I am so glad I did. UAE is definitely safer to live than America.

  56. Why asn't ther "USA" in the list?

  57. Que tɑl,
    Es inteгeѕante tu sitio. Otros post no me molaron mucho,
    sin embargo en general est

  58. How about Saudi Arabia.It's also nice.

  59. How abt HK, its pretty safe too.

  60. because USA is very risky filled with criminals

  61. I totally agree wit New Zealand being the safest country, I was born and raised in New Zealand Auckland to be exact and it is safe even in the toughest places in Auckland I can walk down the street and be safe, all I know is NZ is safe and great for bringing up kids and great family helping system, its good to know that we support mothers with newborn babies and help people in need, so I totally agree with this NEW ZEALAND is the safest and im not being biast either 😀

  62. Honestly, in terms of safety, no country can beat Malta. It’s very safe in every way there. Check it out.

  63. I think Canada, Sweden and Austria is the best place to live in…….

  64. Shakil Karachi Pakistan

    I think Canada, Sweden and Austria is the best place to live in…….Sweden is the best place with long life average rate and Canada is the multicultural country where you adjust easily……. and Austria is the nice European country with high education and placed in the heart of Europe…..

  65. UK is STILL one of the safest and most beautiful places to visit. Give it a go ….. we have lots of historical sited, natural beauty and brilliant cities. We also have an excellent Policing and while not perfect in any way, you will have an excellent holiday and will meet some really friendly people along the way. RULE BRITTANIA!!!!

  66. Try to stay in Philippines its very very safe to live.

  67. I vote for Morocco. I enjoyed it so much and my 2 children loved it also. It was very hot there in the summer, but the humidity made the sweat evaporate and it just didn’t seem as hot as it was.

  68. Why can’t you put germany

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