Top 10 Strangest Foods of the World

5. Sannakji


A South Korean delicacy, this is one of the most famous unusual dish that world has ever known. Sannakji is live octopus eaten whole or in pieces depending on the size of the octopus. Usually served raw with a seasoning of sesame oil the speciality of the dish is that it is serve “fresh” – so fresh that the tentacles literally move on the plates!! As exciting as it sounds there is a whole level of risk involved in eating this dish as the tentacles may choke the food tract while consumption. May be 5 more years down the line and I can literally foresee Sannakji occupying the numero uno spot in the list of strangest foods in the world.

4. Escamoles


Made of ant larvae Escamoles is a native Mexican dish that looks like grain salad. Also known as insect caviar, eggs are harvested from the roots or rather the root systems of maguey and agave plants. These are deep-fried and relished for their crunchiness often tossed with a flavor of butter. Listed at number 4 on the list of strangest foods Escamoles is quite a favorite snack item in Mexico.

3. Hàkarl

Strangest foods


Anything rotten is surely gonna sound disgusting, but if eaten fresh, it is a sureshot call to your death. This is the case with sharks in Greenland, which are highly poisonous if eaten raw and fresh. Yet, it is considered as a delicacy, and consumed after it has been fermented and decayed well enough. This reduces the poison level to a negligible level and makes the fish edible; but this comes with a somewhat stinky smell. As much as this is one of the strangest foods in the world, hands down to the fact that it is one of the stinkiest foods in the world for sure.

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