Top 10 Strangest Foods of the World

2. Fried Brain Sandwiches 

Fried Brain Sandwiches
Fried Brain Sandwiches

Hailing from the lands of United States of America, Fried Brain Sandwiches reign happily on the menu card alongside other regular American popular snack such as french fries. Cherished across the globe Fried Brain Sandwiches are made from sliced calves of pig brains that have been battered enough in a well-mannered way and deeply fried in oil till reached the perfect level of crunchiness. High on calories these sandwiches are served with mustard sauce and pickled onions. With pig brains being literally served on your plates this surely deserves a mention in the list of unusual foods in the world.

1. Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu
Casu Marzu

As delicious as it may sound this dish looks good as well in its first appearance. Creamy and soft Casu Marzu is nothing but cheese made out of sheep’s milk. But the twist in the tale comes with the fact that this creamy ball of cheese actually contains thousands of live maggots!! An Italian delicacy Casu Marzu is prepared by allowing flies to lay eggs on it with its top being cut to let the flies have an easy access. When the eggs hatch the larvae makes it way through the centre of the cheese automatically softening the usually hard part in the middle. Even though cherished as a delicacy the aftertaste of this pungent cheese lasts for several hours making it one of the gross and unusual yet popular foods across the globe. Okay… so with all those maggots scribbling inside Casu Marzu surely deserves to be at no. 1 on the list of strangest foods of world.

Phew!! With so much talking of foods I surely feel hungry right now. While many of these foods sound or appear gross, they are surely cherished by people somewhere in this world itself. As foods represent the culture of a place, these foods are also a carrier of the culture of the place they belong to. It is as if these foods literally speak of lifestyle and living of their place. And availability and consumption of these foods mark an exchange of distinctive culture that comes together. These foods stink, are gross yet they have been a part of human civilization since its inception. It is many of our habits to demean certain community because of the foods they eat. This is definitely wrong. Since availability of foods in a place determines the lifestyle of it’s residents.

And those who still are wandering how can people actually eat the above listed foods… or for those for whom this was not enough; then listen to this. The human flesh is certainly one of the strangest foods in the world. Consumed by humans and non-humans alike human flesh is said to be the tastiest foods as well high on every required nutrients. Though cannibalism is and will always remain an unusual thing yet we can’t deny that it was once a reality. So, finally found THE Strangest Food, huh??!! :-p

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