Top 10 Super Foods that Burn Fat 2017

5. Bananas

Sliced Bananas
Sliced Bananas

Eating bananas seem so natural given the evolutionary history of mankind. They are easy to incorporate in your daily diet chart, filled with iron and other essential nutrients, a great source of energy and fibre making you fuller at a low quantity itself. Bananas have got a loads of pros that you can not simply afford to miss. Fill them into your daily cornflakes-milk meal and stick to one each day as they are a great source of sugar too. But nonetheless, they are one of the best ways to satisfy whenever you feel the tickling of your sweet tooth or little hunger.

4. Spinach


Remember Popeye? Well spinach was the source of all his strength. Often left on the plates of children, and sometimes adults too, spinach are one of the greatest source of fibres and other hell lot of a things for keeping a checked-weight and for an overall well-being. And the best part is that you can have it such a variety of ways as part of salads, or make up a spinach and corn sandwich, or burger, or make an entire dish out of it. It works for weight loss by filling your stomach but adding less calories at the same time.

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