Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World

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Home is the most comfortable place for a person. We all have that one expensive house in our locality which keeps the visitors intrigued. Sometimes it’s vastly built. Sometimes it just looks too beautiful. Many among us dream of having big expensive houses. But it takes effort to build a fortune and erect a wonderful home. Some houses in the world are more expensive than the GDP of some countries! We’ve made a list of the Top Ten most Expensive houses in the world. Check it out.

10. Bran Castle ($135 million)


Bran Castle resides in Transylvania, Romania. It is said to be the House of Dracula. It is a national monument in Romania. It used be the home of many royal families in Romania. One of the most expensive houses in the world, Bran castle has 57 rooms and 17 bedrooms. It has a beautiful interior and a magnificent decor.

9. Updown Court ($139 million)


It is a Californian style villa in England. It boasts 103 rooms, private cinema halls, bowling alleys and a 58 acres landscaped garden. In 2005, Updown court was the most Expensive house in the world. It is a private property located in Windlesham, Surrey, England. It looks like a fantasy house. Utter delight for the eyes!

8. The Manor ($150 million)


A 123 Bedroom mansion which was built for the Television producer Aaron Spelling. Petra Ecclestone( daughter of Formula 1 giant Bernie Ecclestone) is the current owner of this heavenly villa. The house boasts has swimming pools, cinema halls, tennis courts and a beauty salon! Beautifully built, The Manor is one of the expensive houses in the world. It is built in chateauesque style.

7. The Pinnacle ($155 million)


Tim and Edra Blixseth( owners of the Yellowstone Club) are the resident of this paradisaical house. It is located in Montana, USA. Specially Built for Ski-fanatics, The Pinnacle has heated floors, fireplaces in all rooms including bathrooms, a huge wine-cellar, an indoor and an outdoor pool. At 155 million $, The pinnacle is one of the expensive homes located in this planet.

6. Franchuk Villa ($161 million)


It is a Victorian style mansion. It used to be a girls school but is up for sale presently. It boasts 6 floors with 20 feet ceilings, a cinema hall, gym, a panic room, an indoor swimming pool and sauna. It is located on Kensington Street, London. It is also the most expensive house in London. It’s utter heaven from inside!

5. Hearst Mansion ($165 million)


It was the set for the movie The Godfather. Also, it was the Honeymoon mansion of J F Kennedy. A national monument, Hearst is located in Mansion Beverly Hills, LA. It has 6 separate residences, 3 swimming pools, tennis courts and numerous other things. It even has a disco in it! It is currently owned by the government and is the most expensive house in Beverly hills.

4. Fairfield Pond ($198 million)


The most expensive house in the United States Of America, Fairfield pond is located in the Hampton. It is owned by the investor Ira Rennert. This marvelous mansion has numerous bed-rooms, bowling alleys, tennis courts and a basketball court! It has Thirty nine Bathrooms and Twenty nine Bedrooms. The property is around 63 Acres and is an utter masterpiece. It glorifies glamour, money and vacations. This house commonly appears on the Television.

3. The Penthouse ($200 million)


Yes! You read it right. It’s not a 100 Acre mansion but a penthouse. An apartment!It is i\among the Top 3 most expensive houses in the world. Hard to believe but it is absolutely worth the price. It is located in central london and is worth a usurious $ Two Hundred Million Dollars. The penthouse boasts of wine tasting room, bullet-proof windows, and a panic room, access to spa and squash rooms. Who needs a Villa when an Apartment makes you feel like a king.  It gives a 24/7 view of the Beautiful London City

2. Villa Leopolda ($506 million)


Villa Leopolda was built for the French King Leopold. It is a 27 storey mansion and is the most expensive house in France. It has a private beach in front of the French riviera. Truly paradisaical! It is absolutely worth the prica( $ Two Hundred million!) and is also the most expensive house in the Europe. It boasts 11 Bedrooms, 14 Bathrooms, swimming pools, private theaters and many other luxuries!It is currently owned by Edmund Safra. Man I would crave to visit this beauty( and maybe own it as well!)

1. Antilia ( $1 billion)


This is located in India! Not in America. Not in Europe. Not in Dubai. In India. Yes, It’s owned by the Reliance industries owner, Mr. Mukesh Ambani. The Antilia is a 27 story high building on Peddar Road, Mumbai. It boasts 5 personal restaurants, cinema halls, a ball rooms, a yoga studio, a bar, library and a helipad. Yes You read it right. A Helipad! It is the first expensive House in the world to cross the Billion Dollar figure.  A true Masterpiece!

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