Top 10 Best Car Brands

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Top 10 Car Brands
When it comes to car brands, there are many factors involved in choosing the top car brands in the market. Each year, J.D. Power releases its list of Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) study. This study is based on seventy-seven attributes of the measure of a vehicle, owner’s emotional attachment regarding their car and excitement. Combining all of them, the index point is standardized out of thousand points. In the year, the industry average is eight hundred and ten points. Let’s have a look on the list of this year.


10. Mini
Mini has been ranked as the highest in the mass market this year with a score of 838 points. Last year, this British vehicle maker couldn’t make it to the list for a single point. This year, they came back with Clubman, as a top model in the list of compact cars and Cooper, in the list of compact sporty cars.


9. Jaguar
This British automobile company has faced a huge drop in performance, compared to earlier years. Last year, they finished in third place. This year, they came in a tie with Mini with 838 points, which were 852 in last year.


8. Lexus
This company has also faced a few drops in the position, compared to the last year. The Japanese luxury car wing of Toyota was in the fifth position last year, with 843 points. This year, they have secured 842 points. The loss in positions shows the drop in popularity of the Japanese wonders.

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7. Cadillac
The American brand of cars has shown improvement in their position, in the list. Last year, they were in the tenth position, with 836 points. This year, they have secured 843 points, placing them in seventh. The highest ranked model of theirs, in the Large Premium SUV list, is the Cadillac Escalade.


6. Lincoln
Compared to last yeas triple tie for fifth position, this year, the brand has not performed well enough. Last year, Lincoln was in a tie for fifth position with Lexus and Land Rover with a score of 843 point. This year, they are in the sixth position, dropping one position with a score of 849 points. The Lincoln Continental is tied for the highest rank of medium size Premium cars.


5. Mercedes-benz
As a German expertise in luxury automobiles, the Mercedes-Benz has under-performed this year. They have been left behind by other brands in the fifth position with 851 points. Last year they were tied for third position with the Jaguar. Not good news, for a master like them. They have not topped any of the segments. The GLC is in second in Compact Premium SUV list, GLS is in the Third place in the list of Large Premium SUV.


4. Audi
While other German Automobile companies are not performing up to the standard, Audi has done well this year. They have jumped from eighth position from last year, to fourth position this year. Last year, they received 842 points, while this year, they have secured 854 points. The Audi A4 has been ranked as top model in Compact Premium Car list. Audi A3 is tied for the first place, with BMW 2 series in the list of Small Premium Car. On the other hand, in the list of Medium size Premium Car list, Audi A7 has been tied with Lincoln Continental for first place, and Audi Q7 is in the second position in the list of Medium Size Premium SUV Cars.

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3. BMW
BMW has faced a drop of one position from second to the third, as of this year. Last year, their score was 859, while this year it’s 855. The models of this automobile company have topped in many car segments. Like series 2 has topped the list of Small Premium Car list, while BMW i3 has secured third rank in the same list. BMW 4 has finished third in the list of Compact Premium Car list. On the other hand, BMW X3 and X5 has ranked third in the respective lists of Compact Premium SUV and Medium Size Premium SUV.


2. Genesis
As per the J.D. Power APEAL Study the luxury car wings of Hyundai has got a kick start this year. This brand didn’t have any position in the list last year, yet they are here in the second position this year, securing 869 points. A genuine improvement compared to last year and other brands.


1. Porsche
Again, Porsche has been named the most Appealing Car Brand of the Year by J.D. Power APEAL Study. This year, they have scored higher with 884 points compared to last year. Last year they got 877 points. The models of this automobile brand has topped in their respective list. Like 911 in the list of Medium Size Premium Sporty Car. Macan has topped the list of Compact Premium SUV, and Cayenne topped the list of Medium Size Premium SUV cars.

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