Top 10 Best Drinking Games

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Drinking games are getting really popular among youngsters and adults both because they are awesome for so many reasons. Drinking games serve as an icebreaker when the first people who show up at the party are those friends whom you have met like one time. Its Saturday night and i thought we should have a list of the top drinking games which will help you have a lot of fun and enjoyment and massive headache. Drinking games make a great option when its raining or some critical condition in which you can’t hit the bars.

Best Drinking Games

Well before we do it too late, lets start our list of the top 10 classic drinking games you would love in your leisure time and enjoy your bar time even at your home.


Fubar - Best Drinking Games
Fubar – Best Drinking Games

Fubar can be an exciting game at times and we have listed it as the 10th best Drinking game here. In the game you shuffle a full deck of cards and scatter them in the middle of the table. Each player goes one at a time to pick his/her card, flip their cards and show it to everyone out there. To make it more fun playing music or songs at regular interval will help rock the game. Each card has different rules like

Ace  – Take an alcoholic drink
2 –  Take two drinks
3 – Take Three drinks
4 – Questions – Well this one is funny, you look at the person of your choice and ask them a question, they must reply to you in the form of a question and this keeps going until someone gets screwed up.

5 – Take five drinks

And it keeps going

For Jack – Assholes drink (Guys Drink)

For Queen – Bitches drink (Girls drink)

9. Power Hour


Power Hour - Best Drinking Games
Power Hour – Best Drinking Games

One more great drinking game you can play is to play 60 songs each one minute long and after each song you do a shot of beer . Wao what an amazing way to enjoy the pleasure of bar at home. Make sure to call the bad ass chick Ali Spagnola who puts out an amazing Power Hour concert of 60 minutes and she writes all the 60 of her songs. Power hour enjoyment with the beer is a great combination and is enough to rage out the audience while playing these cool songs.

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8. Chandelier


Chandelier -Best Drinking Games
Chandelier -Best Drinking Games

While other drinking games might be a great fun to play and enjoy Chandelier might not be the most exciting one but its still better than many and is worth while you have no other option especially if you have small group of people or you are running really low on solo cups or ping pong balls. Well lets face this drinking game in which you just dont want to move all that much while drinking Make sure not to sleep when someone is hitting the middle cup. Here is how they play Chandelier. I really love the moment when the game is over once everyone is too exhausted to play it anymore. Apparently this is the only way to end this game…. Have Fun…!!

7. Thumper

Thumper - Best Drinking Games
Thumper – Best Drinking Games

Thumper is a great classic Drinking game which is really entertaining for most of the people. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than sitting in a circle with a bunch of other drunks while exchanging hilarious and ridiculous signals. In fact i sometimes feel sorry for this game that Thumper is only restricted to be a drinking game whereas it should have been a kind of game to play whenever you happen to find yourself sitting around a table with some people. I even heard people telling me stories that the fun and enjoyment of playing Thumper in a boring college lecture is unimaginable.

6. Circle of Death / Kings Cup


Circle of Death - Best Drinking Games
Circle of Death – Best Drinking Games

Circle of Death also known as the Kings Cup and have a bunch of other great names is a really entertaining drinking game for a big group of people want to enjoy the Saturday night. Circle of death is not the best game to play if you are looking for anything to get you on drink but it can be called as the best early night drinking game.

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To play Circle of Death game put a full, unopened been can in the middle of the cards on table. After you draw a card, place the corner of it under the beer tab. Whoever places their card and crack open the beer drinks the whole thing. Grab another beer can and start a new round and it keep going on like this.

5. Beer Ball


Beer Ball - Best Drinking Games
Beer Ball – Best Drinking Games

Beer ball is a lovely drinking game to play if you are a kind of adventurous guy. Beer ball is a demanding sports, speed and agility game requiring accuracy and cat like reflexes. Beer ball should be played when you are feeling extremely competitive and have enough energy to burn while you are drunk on the go. Beer ball requires the player to have the ability to crush the beer in as little time as possible.

4. Slap Cup (aka Gonzo)


Slap Cup (Gonzo) - Best Drinking Games
Slap Cup (Gonzo) – Best Drinking Games

Slap cup also known as Gonzo is a kind of sleepy game. It is not a very well known drinking game but it becomes really favorite for the ones who discover it. The odds are incredibly high as you will walk away from Slap Cup covered in booze making it perfect when you don’t plan to go out to the bar.Slap Cup is great for a close group of friends as in this game it will turn the most laid back of people into strange animals but you can also play this game with new friends just to break the ice and have fun with new people around the corner.

3. Quarters


Quarters - Best Drinking Games
Quarters – Best Drinking Games

Quarters is one of the most popular and well known yet old drinking games of all time. While it may not be the most exciting drinking game it is definitely the most played drinking game on the planet. This probably has something to do as its really embarrassing at times when you try to play Quarters the very first time. But once anyone is into it he will surely be the first one to suggest to play this game so that he can show off their extremely useful new skills and can finally make fun of someone else for sucking up pretty badly.

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2) Flip Cup


Flip Cup - Best Drinking Games
Flip Cup – Best Drinking Games

Flip Cup is another classic drinking game to get the juices flowing and to see how your friends and peers perform under pressure. Flip Cup is a great way to get almost everyone of the pre game involved. Beer Pong game is great but having to wait an hour to play each time can get a bit old. So a better solution is to have a combination of both these drinking games. The simultaneous game play of both beer pong and flip cup is really awesome as everyone wins and then have a cracking can of beer. So Match up Ladies and Gents and get started.

1) Beer Pong

Quite possibly the first game which ever comes to the mind when you think of playing drinking games is Beer Pong. As per my knowledge it was the first drinking game played in the history of mankind. In Beer Pong you need a ping pong ball and 12 glasses of beer. Divide yourself in group of 6 and sit opposite to each other. Now throw the ping pong ball on the opposing team’s beer glass and if it falls in they need to drink the beer cup immediately. The winning team is the team which manages to make the opposing team drink all their drinks. While the concept is pretty simple,beer pong makes for one of the most competitive and addicting drinking games of all time.

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