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Top 10 Celebrity Voice Actors Who infilitrated Our Favorite Animated Shows

6. James Avery as: Shredder

Many would know James Avery as Uncle Phil, from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s arch nemesis, Shredder, has had various incantations, but James Avery is an intriguing version. He doesn’t sound out of place, either; there’s still a hint of the Uncle Phil we all know and love, down deep. And you won’t find him in Bel-Air, either.

James Avery

5. Busta Rhymes as: Reptar

The big, green dinosaur, Reptar, was the Rugrats imitation of Godzilla. Even if the kids were older and there were a real Godzilla in their universe, they would still most likely identify with their childhood toy monster. Voicing lines for a Children’s show and a movie is great, but adding a rap song to the soundtrack of the Rugrats movie immortalises Busta Rhymes as an legend.

Busta Rhymes

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