Top 10 Coolest Halloween Party Ideas

5. Casper and ghosts


As Halloween is the night of the dead, why not throw a Halloween party with the theme of “Casper and ghosts”. People can come dressed in as casper or other ghosts, friendly or the scary ones. Decorate your venue as a haunted house with pumpkins and lights and you have all set to go.

4. Slaughter House


You like blood, heads cut, and more and more gore? You love the Tarantino movies? Then this Halloween party theme is to die for. Slaughter house, where people can get dressed in as many creppy ways as possible. Attach an extra head on your shoulders, just take your creep mode imagination to another level, and this theme would definitely be a rocker. Get inspired by the tarantino movies like Pulp fiction, inglorious bastards, Django Unchained and get dressed like the characters from the movie. This theme would definitely be the talk of the town this Halloween.

3. The Adam’s family


The tried and tested, yet one of the favorite themes for Halloween parties anywhere and anytime, “The adam’s  family”. This one is the people pleaser and never ever gets outdated. Decorate your venue as the house of the adam’s family and people, get dressed as the characters from this classic series, and you are set to rock and roll.

2. The Godfather


Well, hello! Who doesn’t like the godfather? Everyone loves it! This Halloween, if you are felling too badass and want to spread the feeling all over, throw a “Godfather” themed Halloween party. Get classy, be badass and get set to be the famous Italian don mafia, the Godfather. This one is our favorite, as nothing can get classier than this one this Halloween. Get dressed as any of the characters from “The Godfather”, Suit up, take that wine glass and strike deals, because “I’ll make an offer that you can’t refuse”. This theme is something that no one would ever refuse.

1. The walking dead


Our top choice for the coolest Halloween party theme this year is the much acclaimed “the walking dead”. Zombies! Nothing is ever so creepy than zombies. People who walk dead and eat other people. Get your place set up as a haunted jungle,  snd get dressed as the characters from the TV series, Walking dead or Zombies or survivors of the zombie attack. This is the head turner and people please, kick ass theme for Halloween parties this year.

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