Top 10 Countries With Highest Crime Rate

5. Russia


A highly developed and skilled country. Russia is a weapon superpower. Although it has a large number of crime rate. It is our number 5 country with the highest crime rates ever. The country had a terrible number of crime i.e.  2,952,370. The land whose president is Mr. Vladmir Putin has to put up some efforts to reduce the number of crimes in the country.

4. France


With a  total reported crime of 3,771,850, France is our number 4 country with the highest crime rates ever. It is a highly respected and advanced country. French is the most used language in the country after English. Though it lags behind in the number of crime rates. Rapes, abductions, murders and robberies are on a surge. Severe laws have been framed by the administration and hopefully it will become a peaceful country soon.

3.  Germany


The crimes in Germany reached a whooping number of 6,507,394 last year. A lot of people have suffered because of the increased rate of crimes. Abductions, rapes, murders and robberies have witnessed a spurt in the recent times. The government should take some active measures as soon as possible. We hope that Germany attains a peaceful and prosperous environment very soon. Peace should prevail in the world now!

2.  United Kingdom


United Kingdom holds our number 2 spot in the list of countries with the highest crime rates. Although it is a prosperous and a royal country, Britain still has a awful crime rate. 6,523,706 is the number of crimes that reportedly happened in the United kingdom last year. It is indeed a matter of concern. Government should formulate stringent policies to make a difference. Peace should prevail in the land of thy Queen.

1. United States of America


The crime rate is a whooping number of 11,877,218. That’s like really  big for a country which is the super power of the world. Barack Obama has taken some strict actions against the crimes. Hopefully, America will become a peaceful and serene country very soon. The world super power should be an example to other countries in terms of peace. Hopefully, USA takes a step ahead in the future. Peace to all!

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