Top 10 Intelligence Agencies in the World

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There are many Intelligence agencies operating in the world today. They reveal many important information’s on national security and terrorism. They are usually run by the government for the security issues of the country. However, sometimes these agencies operate independently. We have short listed ten most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. They are technologically very advanced and have superior manpower. They have made many important revelations which have been of advantage to their respective countries. Sometimes these agencies collaborate to fight for a global cause. Check out our top ten Intelligence agencies in the world.

10. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)


This intelligent agency was launched in 1952. An executive council meeting was conducted by the then prime minister of Australia, Robert Menzies. It was under the guidance of Alfred Deakin Brookes. The operations of the Intelligent agency were kept a secret for 20 years! No one except the agency member knew about it. The main function was to find important information and execute secret intelligence operations. It gets our number 10 spot in the list of top ten intelligence agencies.


9. Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS)


The was created in 1984 under the act of parliament. It is Canada’s prime intelligence agency to collect secret information. The information may include security concerns of Canada or invasion of it’s privacy. Its headquarters is based in Ottawa, Ontario. The federal court oversees the activities of CSIS. CSIS occupies the number 9 spot in our list of top ten intelligence agencies of the world.


8. Research and analysis wing( RAW, India) 


Under the guidance of Mr. K.N. Rao, RAW was formed in 1962. This is an independent agency. It collects information about the various underground terrorist activities in India. It also gathers information about the happenings in other countries. It is funded by the Indian Government and is effectively used to counter terrorism and secrecy issues.


7. Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure (DGSE), France 


Working under the guidance of Ministry of Defense, DSGE holds our number 7 spot in the list of top ten intelligence agencies in the world. It works along with Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence in France. It focuses on issues such as security and privacy. DGSE has managed to perform really well in the past. Many operations in the country are an outcome of DGSE.


6. The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, MOSSAD, Israel


This Intelligence agency is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Mossad. Israel faces a lot of security and terrorism problems. Therefore, it is necessary have an Institute that can protect the privacy issues of the country. Mossad does that really well. It is one of the best intelligence agencies in the world. It occupies our number six spot in the list.


5. Federal Security Services (FSB), Russia


FSB is headquartered in Lubyanka Square, downtown Moscow. It occupies our number 5 spot today in the list of top ten intelligent agencies in the world. It is the top most intelligent agency in Russia. The agency has collaborated with RAW in the past. It was because a few technical investigations. It is the successor of KGB in Russia. It counters terrorism and security issues really well.


4. Ministry of State Security (MSS), China


It is one of the most effective intelligent agency operating in China. It is extremely effective and takes great decisions. It takes care of national problems as well. It occupies our number 4 spot in the list of top intelligence agencies in the world. It has very close bond with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. They operate together at times and undercover many missions together.


3. Secret Intelligence Services / Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6), United Kingdom


It holds the number 3 spot in our list of the top ten intelligence agencies in the world. It is popularly known as MI6 as well. It is known to counter terrorism planning and all the security related issues. The agency has collaborated with US and Israel in the past for security reasons. It works very effectively and has thus managed to make it to the top 3.


2. Inter Service Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan 


It is recognized as one of the most acute agencies with technologically advanced resources and manpower. About 10,000 secret agents of ISI roam around the world to gather important information. Although it could not handle the case of Osama Bin Laden really well. Thus, it holds the number 2 spot in our list of the best intelligence agencies in the world.


1. Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, United States


CIA grabs the number 1 spot in the list of the top ten intelligence agencies of the world. It’s located in Langley, Virginia. About 22,000 employees work for this agency. It is largest agency of the world in terms of funding. It is one of the most advanced and effective intelligence agencies in the world. It collaborates with other intelligence agencies as well to discuss some global issues. Indeed very commendable!

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