Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

5. Huskies


They were originated in Siberia. They weigh around 35-55 lbs and stand at 24-26 inches. Huskies are extremely energetic and exuberant. They have massive strength and endurance. Though their training is very important before. Therefore, this dog is not recommended for beginner dog owners. Huskies are actively used in sled dog racing. Their average life-span is about 10 years. They have different colored eyes.

4. Boxers


Boxer were originated in Germany. They weigh around 50-75 lbs and stand at 20-25 inches. Although they look quite intense, they are actually very friendly and loving. They are extremely powerful and have a good endurance level. It is a perfect family dog which is friendly and protective. Though proper exercise and conditioning of this dog is extremely important. They are actively used for military purposes around the world. Their average life span is about 9-10 years.

3. German Shepherds

German shepherds

They originated in Germany and are known as the famous K-9 dogs. They stand at 22-26 inches. They are extremely headstrong and fearless. They require regular physical activity and exercise. They are the second-most popular dog in the United States of America. They actively compete in competitions such as Agility trials.  Their average age is about 8-10 years. They are desirable for police and security jobs for their intelligence and strength. A must have if you want an all round protector.

2. Rottweilers


It was originated in Germany and weighs around 85-110 lbs. They are dogs with powerful jaws that are extremely sharp. They usually don’t like the company of a stranger and it’ll be a wise decision to stay away from them. They are extremely powerful and have a very long-lasting stamina. They live for about 10 years usually. It is an extremely healthy breed!


Pit bull

Pit bull was originated in America. It weighs around 30-55 lbs and it’s height is around 18-22 inches. It is regarded as one the most aggressive dog breeds. It can attack other pit bulls as well. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be kept as a pet. With utmost care and love, no soul will be harmful. There are no irresponsible dogs but only irresponsible owners. Dog owners in America will be legally liable for all the losses incurred by their pit bulls.

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