Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians

Politics is a hot topic for current affairs in all countries. It takes a lot of effort and grit to succeed in politics. With power, comes a lot of responsibility. Some politicians in the world have become extremely powerful. Their impact is not just limited to their native countries. They are known across the world. So, today we decided to make a list on top ten most powerful politicians in the world. Check it out.

10. Bashar Al-Assad

Bashar Al Assad

His father, Hafez-al-Assad, ruled Syria for about 30 years. After his death in 2000, Bashar Al-Assad has been the president of Syria. He is one of the most powerful politicians in the world. He is a medicine graduate from the University of Damascus. After serving for a long time in the Syrian army, Bashar became the president in 2000. Ever since, he has established his image of being a responsible ruler. He makes it to our number 10 spot.

9. Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani

With a very strong political background, Hassan Rouhani is our number 9 spot. He has been in the game since 1989 and has been going strong ever since. He has served for many political initiatives in Iran. Also, Hassan is a lawyer, academic and cleric. He recently became the president of Iran after convincingly defeating his opponent. Hassan Rouhani makes it to the number 9 spot in our list of top ten most powerful politicians.

8. Jacob Zuma

Jacob zuma

The president of South Africa makes the number 8 spot. He has been in the game since a very long time (since 1977). He was elected as president in 2009. Though he had some pending corruption charges, many of them proved to be wrong and unlawful. Today, Jacob Zuma is one the most powerful politicians in the world. He has been serving the African national congress for a very long time.

7. Angela Merkel

angela merkel

German politician, Angela Merkel is our number 7 spot in the list of top ten most powerful politicians in the world. Since 2005, she has been the chancellor of Germany. Also, She has been the leader of Christian Democratic Union since 2000. She was placed in the list of ‘most influential people in the world’ in 2010.

6. Tayyip Erdogan


Tayyip Erdogan is the president of Turkey since 2003. A graduate of the Imam Hatip School, Tayyip has served as the Mayor of Istanbul in the past. For his peace initiatives, Tayyip has reserved numerous awards. Being one of the most powerful politicians in the world, he was included in the ‘most influential people list’ in 2010. He has honored with the greatest Pakistani award, ‘Nishan-e-Pakistan’.

5. Kim Jong Un


The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, is our number 5 powerful politician in the list. He succeeded his father in King Jong In. At an age of 32, Kim is considered as a ‘great successor’. He is also the supreme commander of the North Korea’s peoples army. A strong and decisive ruler, Kim took the position of ‘Supreme leader’ after his fathers death in 2009. He is also the chairman of the central military commission.

4. Hilary Clinton

hilary clinton

Hilary Clinton is a politician and diplomat from America. She has had a strong run since 1979. In 2009, she became the United states secretary of states. She has been working for women empowerment, world peace, and health awareness for a long time. Apparently, she is the wife of the first president of United states of America. She is an active social media user and frequently tweets her activity.

3. Imran Khan

Imran khan

The legendary cricketer, Imran khan is our number 3 spot most popular and powerful politician. He is the chairman of the famous Pakistani political party, Tehreek-e-insaf. He was selected as the ‘Asia person of the year’ in 2012. He has been actively involved in Pakistan’s political scene 2009. Recently, Imran khan was awarded the Jinnah Award. A very intelligent man, Imran Khan is one of the most powerful politicians in the world.

2. Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

The president of people’s republic of China, Xi Jinping is our number 2 spot. He is the fifth leader from his family and is one of the most powerful politicians in the world today. Also, he is the general secretary of the Communist party of China. He served as a governor of Fujian from 1992-2002. He truly matches the charisma and capabilities of his ancestors. He is extremely passionate about the ‘Chinese dream’.

1. Barack Obama

Barack obama

This should not be surprising. Barack Obama undertook the encounter of Osama Bin Laden. He is the first black president of America. He has powerfully encountered the American problem of recession and has stood tall in tough times. He is an alumnus of the Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He has taken many acute steps in his regime, including the US involvement in Libya. He took stringent actions against chemical warfare by Syria. Undoubtedly, he is the number 1 most powerful politician in the world.




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