Top 10 Reasons you Should Check Out Rabadaba: The Social Media Site that Pays!

Spread the love is a social media site that I am sure not many of you have heard of. If you haven’t, then make sure you read through this list to find a social media site you may fall in love with, and get paid to fall in love with, to. Without further ado, here’s our top 10 Reason you Should Check out Rabadaba!

1. They Pay!

Rabadaba is one of the only social media sites that pays it’s users for interactions on their posts. If you love Instagram, then you should check out Rabadaba, as they love original pictures!

2. Runs Smoothly

When I first downloaded the Rabadaba app, about a year ago, it was kinda laggy and would go offline for no reason. Ever since downloading it back on again, maybe a month ago, it has not crashed once.

3. Admins are Readily Available and Visible

The admins at Rabadaba care a lot about the community and you can easily spot them around the site. They will probably even tip you some Rabs (the money you earn from interactions), when you first get on the website.

4. Variety of Pictures

With Rabadaba having a wide variance of members, it can be interesting enough just to scroll through your feed and see what your list of followers are posting about their daily lives.

5. Wonderful Users

Everyone I have ever chatted with or commented back and forth with has been no less than wonderfully polite and helpful. With this app paying, you could not ask for a better community to reach you goals on this social media site.

6. Live Dab Competitions

One thing that has been added since I started my new account is the live dab (a post) competitions. If your dab is nominated by enough people, you can make dollar amounts, which is much quicker than using the upvote and posting options.

7. Easy to Use

Rabadaba, whether you are using it on a web browser, phone web browser, or the app, runs smoothly and is very easy to use, across all forms, unlike some other social media services.

8. Easier to Make Money

With the live competitions, Rabadaba can be an even more easier place to make some extra money. But, if you actually spend the time to interact with people and post amazing pictures and thoughts, you could add this to your passive income sources, easily.

9. Easy to Get Paid

One of my previous accounts i made 10$ on, I had no problems cashing out the minimum amount of money and I have not seen others with any issues of payout, so this is not a concern, in my book.

10. It Could be the Next Big App

You never know when an app will blow up, I doubt many people knew about Twitter or Tumblr before it just blew up, and this is a site I see having that possibility. If you want a great app that pays you, runs smoothly, and it a joy to use, check out


That’s our list, What did you think? Have you seen Rabadaba before and never used it? or maybe you’re a seasoned user, either way, you can follow us on Rabadaba at @OhTopTen. As usual, thanks for reading!

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