Top 10 Reasons to Stay Single

Top 10 Reasons to Stay Single

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We live in the age where being committed is the most common thing. Each person has at least been in one relationship or am I under-estimating the current generation here? There are a thousand reasons why you need to be in a relationship that people keep talking about. Break the cliché, stay single. Staying single has its own perks that’s way batter than being committed all the time. Here are the top ten reasons why you should stay single.


10. Video games and TV show

 Video games and TV show

If you are single, you can shamelessly watch your entire favorite TV shows, no matter how girly or emo or violent they are without the fear of annoying your so-called better half. Also, you can play video games endlessly for days together alone or with your best buddies.  You need not worry about pissing your girlfriend/boyfriend by not paying attention to her or making him watch things he hates.

9. Stay the way you like to be

Stay the way you like to be

If you are single, you can stay the way you like to. Wear pajamas and walk to the super market, stay at home with stuff around and without a bath for weeks together.  You need not dress up like a doll just to impress him. You need not shave or wear stuff you hate to please her. You can just wear whatever you like whenever you want, only if you are single.

8. Plans for two : No more

Plans for two No more

Here’s a situation, you really want to go to the opera, he hates it. He loves football and you don’t understand anything. But you are just forced to go to places just because the other wants to. NO! This is not the case once you are single. Hit the road, go to places you like, gigs you love with other people who enjoy it as much as you do. You are a free bird, fly away to places you love.

7.  No more awkward meetings

No more awkward meetings

You don’t have to face the horrendous meetings with the other half’s family members or annoying friends whom you just can’t stand. You are saved from all the glaring glances, fake smiles, and questions being shot at you like bullets. Rather, you can spend time with your family and loved ones.

6. Spend and splurge on yourself

Spend and splurge on yourself

You used to go broke by spending on gifts that the other half pretends to like? You used to spend hours on finding the perfect gift and also months to earn that much? Now, stay single and spend that money you used to on pampering yourself. Go ahead, shop with your girl friends. Men, go for that game you always wanted to, now that you have the money. Go the gym, get fit. Get that hair color you always wanted. Spend, splurge, love.

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  1. Loved this post.
    ‘No more awkward meetings’ – how i want to vigorously nod my head at this.

    All the best for your next post Dikshita.


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