Top 10 Reasons to Stay Single

5. Hang out with your guy and girl friends

Hang out with your guy and girl friends

Earlier, you used to be seen as a couple everywhere you go. You couldn’t hang out with your friends because you had plans with him/her. This is the perk of being single, you can hang out with your friends and never been guilty about anything. No insecurities, you are not missing out on any fun nights, birthdays and you are still the social butterfly.

4. Focus on your career

Focus on your career

You can entirely focus on your career. You can stay up late nights and work hard to get promoted. You can concentrate on work without any kinky texts, hourly phone calls that gets you distracted and sometimes thrown out of work. You’d be the boss’s favorite and climb up the career graph that you have set for yourself.

3. Flings and flirting around

 flirt around with girls

There are thousands of attractive men and women out there. You can go ahead and flirt around with whomsoever you find attractive without any complications. You can explore and have several flings, dates and keep yourself entertained. Also, one night stands would be a bigger bonus if you are single.

2. Eat and drink as much as you like

Eat and drink as much as you like

This is an ultra bonus for both men and women. Women can eat as much as they like without the fear of being fat and unattractive to their boyfriends. They can go ahead, pamper their taste buds and also enjoy every moment of it. Men can go out with their friends and drink like a horse. They can drink until they pass out without any drama ahead.

1. Live life on own terms

Live life on own terms

Once single, you can live life on your terms. Set your own goals and achieve them. You wouldn’t have to cook for two, manage our expenses for two. You can live for yourself and do things that please you rather than try to please the other person and others involved just for a relationship. You can enjoy all the freedom and sleep as well. Being single will make you feel awesome in it’s own way.


  1. Loved this post.
    ‘No more awkward meetings’ – how i want to vigorously nod my head at this.

    All the best for your next post Dikshita.


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