Top 10 Tips To Increase Page Rank

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Google Page rank is a rank given to blogs and websites which determine the quality of the content of the website. So many bloggers and webmasters are determined to increase Page rank. It is a measure of authority and reputation of a website and it rangers from 0 to 10. Where o is the lowest score and 10 states to be the highest quality and the most authoritative website. You might be wondering that why many webmasters are after increasing page rank. Actually it helps you get a good SERP ranking and a kind of trust in Google eye. Page rank is the number of links to your websites from other sites. The links may be no follow, do follow, but surely they help in increasing page rank.Now I’ll tell you the best ways to increase your sites Page Rank. In short, you must build quality links to your site.

Increase Page Rank

1.Top Notch Article Quality

Writing quality articles is the first and foremost thing you must follow to increase page rank. No matter how you do off page SEO optimization for your websites and how you build links. The most important thing is that how you write articles for your websites. Do write articles which attract the users and also search engines. If the article is helpful, people would love to share the love and this will help in natural link building thus increasing page rank. Google loves to be natural so post content which is new, fresh and is helping.

2. Regular Updates

Regularly your blog or website with good and quality content is indeed important for your ranking. So write and publish at least one post daily so that Google knows that you have a live working blog. A dead blog with no regular post do not have a trust in search engine eye and in the eyes of people. Writing fresh and unique yet quality content helps in achieving your goal.

3.Interlinking Posts

Inbound links plays an important role in increasing page rank as the page rank juice is passed on all the pages interlinked within the single blog. You must adopt this good habit of interlinking your old posts to the new ones. So that old posts also gets getting traffic and are regularly indexed by Google. Do not spam by interlinking too much, you may harm the reputation of your website this way.

4. Guest posting

Guest posting has yet been the most safest and reliable way to get quality backlinks. It is considered to be one of the most important link building strategy webmasters use to increase Google Page rank. You are writing content for your website, so you must spend a little time in writing a good article for some High PR and quality website and request them to give you a do follow backlinks.

5. Commenting

Many webmasters have grabbed PR2 and even PR3 by only leaving quality comments on other blogs. This is another most overlooked technique to show Google you have a good authority. One of the best tools for commenting is Commentluv. Many websites are using the do follow version of Commentluv so you must consider posting comments on them regularly which gives you good links and also a good amount of traffic too.

6. Website Uptime

Always make sure that your website is up and running well and good. A slow and unresponsive website might get a penalty from Google if it finds one. So choose a web host wisely and spend money on some hosting service which is reliable. We here at OMGTens recommend using hostgator services which is the top notch host providers.

7. Keyword Planning

This is another important point in getting huge amount of traffic and build trust in Google. You must see and analayze which keyword in your niche are hot and have high monthly searches. Try to get a brief idea that which keywords can get you the most traffic easily and can help you increase your page rank.

8. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is an awesome method to increase Page rank and as well as a good amount of traffic to your blog. Social media has evolved so much and you can expect to get a lot more with huge social giants like Facebook, twitter, pinterest and stumbleupon. All of these social media services are a good way of getting referral traffic. And more traffic means greater page rank.

9. Usage of No Follow Links

All of the do follow backlinks may sometimes cause suspicious to Google and they may punish you in some cases too. So the best part is that while building links for your websites abstain from using only do follow backlinks. Also try to get no follow links. They also help in getting much better ranking. The application of no follow links is in forum signature links. These links are no follow and they count a lot to your Google page rank.

10.Submit to Directories

Submitting your website to online directories are another good way to increase Google page rank. But make sure that you only submit your website to quality directories. You can also write articles in some of the best article directories like hubpages, squidoo and Ezine articles to get a good search engine ranking which will be useful for your website.

Another important thing to note is that if your website is relatively new. Just focus on the content and build links slow and steady and don’t go for a dozens of backlinks in a single day. This may penalize you. Page rank update is usually held every 3 months so get ready and pack to increase your page rank this time by following these precious tips.


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