Top 10 Tips to Survive Summer Heat

With the summer at its peak, we are desperately looking to find solace in different ways through which we can survive summer heat. Every year, thousands of lives are lost to the extreme summer heat worldwide. In such extreme summer conditions, it is very important to know certain helpful tips which can allow us to survive summer heat. There are many tips which can help in surviving summers.In the countries located near the equator, summers can be the toughest time of the year. Over the years, experts have come out with various tips to survive summer heat. We have compiled a list of the best tips to survive the extreme temperatures. Here are the Top 10 Tips to Survive Summer Heat.

10. Shower

Top 10 Tips to Survive Summer Heat

As expected, taking a shower is one of the tips by which you can survive the extreme heat. But many people opt for a cold shower. Experts have suggested that taking a warm shower will allow you to feel much cooler. The primary reason for this is that after the shower, the warm air actually feels cooler after warm shower than after a cold shower. Showering at least two times a day can help you survive the heat.


9. Avoid large meals

Top 10 Tips to Survive Summer Heat

Avoiding large meals is essential if you want to survive the summers. Eating large, heavy meals causes your body metabolism to work for a longer time period to break down and digest the food, leading to the body releasing excessive heat. This heat makes you feel warmer. This is why it is preferable to have smaller, regular meals.


8. Go on vacations

Top 10 Tips to Survive Summer Heat

Most families go on vacations in the summer. This is a great time to go vacationing because you can leave the warm areas behind and travel to much cooler and moderate temperature areas. Most people follow this tip about vacationing in summers and travel to mountainous regions or near the beach. These places can help you relax and get refreshed for the rest of the year.


7. Wear loose clothes

Top 10 Tips to Survive Summer Heat

Another tip to survive summer heat is to wear loose, comfortable clothes in your homes. Wearing loose and comfortable clothes will allow you to feel much cooler and will allow air to pass through your clothes with much ease. This is the reason why the Indian “Dhoti” is so popular among men.


6. Avoid stress

Top 10 Tips to Survive Summer Heat

Stress can be a killer. One of the tips to survive summer heat is to avoid stress. Easier said than done, right? Focusing on breathing and relaxing will give you inner peace, which will lead to lesser stress. You can also go vacationing to recharge your batteries.

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