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Top 10 TV Series to Gift for Christmas

With Netflix and other streaming services hitting an all time high in subscriptions, television seasons and series have never been cheaper. 10 years ago, you’d be paying up to $50-100 per season, now, you can buy a whole series for usually less than a hundred dollars! Though streaming services are king, at least now, I am sure you know some people who aren’t joining or just not fans of streaming. So, here is the top 10 best TV series to gift for Christmas:

10. The Sopranos

Mobster Tony Soprano and his family live in constant flux; whether it’s Tony whacking a target and barely getting away with it, to the affairs and mistrust between the his family, or Tony just losing it at his therapy sessions, The Sopranos was one of the best TV crime dramas of the early to mid 2000th’s.

9. Seinfeld

The long running comedy sitcom was one of the staples of early 90s gag comedy. Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld himself, Seinfeld is a laughing-gag TV show to boot.

Seinfeld: The Complete Series
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8. The Simpsons

Fox’s most successful show, and beyond, the Simpsons are in a league of their own with over 27 seasons and still going strong. Though it shouldn’t need an introduction, The Simpsons are a lovable, quirky family, who’s silly antics throws them into some wacky situations, especially Homer.

7. The Wire

Created by a police reporter by the name of David Simon, The Wire takes a look at the narcotic drug scene in Baltimore, focusing the cop side of things. The show also tackles other issues, including media and political bureaucracy.

The Wire: The Complete Series
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6. Mad Men

Following Advertising executives in a 1960’s period drama, Mad Men Shows the life of men and their families lives on top. Gaining critical acclaim as one of the best TV series ever created, Mad Men is not short of two things: awards and praise.

5. The X-Files

The American Sci-Fi fiction show X-Files was one of the most successful science fiction TV shows of all time. With two kick-ass and likeable protagonist, Mulder and Skully, X-Files sent shivers down it’s viewers back with life-like representations of what the government may have been hiding from us.

4. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Spinning off almost 20 years after the inception of the Original Star Trek series, The Next Generation picked up where Kirk and the USS. Enterprise crew left off. Though not as action filled as the Original Series, TNG brings in a french, philosophical Captain, but rest assured, It is just as entertaining as watching Kirk fight a Gorn.

3. Twin Peaks

With critically acclaimed director David Lynch at the helm, Twin Peaks blurs the line between what is real, the truth, and who in their right mind murdered Laura Palmer. Following the FBI agent, Dale Cooper, Dale finds himself second-guessing at every step, which this show will have you doing, as well.

2. Frasier

Easily the most heralded show on this list, in praise and awards (with a whopping 37 Emmy award nominations, the most), The lovable Psychiatrist and his wacky family are always on display. The relationship and chemistry between the cast is absolutely captivating, watching this show from time to time, you stop and realize, it’s just a TV show. There are not many TV shows out there that can boast that.

Frasier: The Complete Series
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1. Breaking Bad

On top of our list is a show gave us a ride we would never forget. Following a chemistry teacher diagnosed with late stage lung cancer, Walt decides to take fate into his own hands. With the help of a previous year flunky, pot-head student, Jesse, Walt gets his hands dirty in the business of cooking meth. An absolute treat to experience, Breaking Bad is an experience you need, before you die.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series
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Well, that is our list of the top 10 best TV series to Gift for Christmas! What did you think of our list? miss any quintessential series? let us know in the comments below! thanks for reading!!

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