Adequate Sleep At Night

Top 10 Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy

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Staying Fit and healthy is really important for us to live and enjoy a good life. Health is a great gift of God and we must take great measures to take care of our health properly. Eating spicy and fast foods and getting lazy all day long will make you prone to diseases and you will soon get bored of life. Always take proper meals, supplements and minerals, drink a lot of water so you keep your body well hydrated. And the most important thing is that remain Happy all the time, this will surely make your health good.


10. Intake of Green Vegetables

Intake of Green Vegetables

Taking salad, fruits and vegetables can help you address your deficiencies. Always get good quality but natural supplements which can help you achieve your optimal health. Fruits, Vegetables and juices supply many nutrients which are very important for your health. Research says that people who eat soup or vegetable salad before their meals tends to eat few calories of meal thus less fats.

9. Healthy Breakfast and Light Dinner

Healthy Breakfast and Light Dinner

You must always eat a healthy breakfast but a light dinner. Avoid to skip meals which are really hard on the body and it has negative impacts on the health and fitness of a person. By healthy breakfast we mean the food which is digestible and is easy on stomach. Also make sure not to include any junk food in your breakfast. Be honest with yourself and eat a light dinner. Take dinner at least 3-4 hours before going to bed. Some people even recommend eating 6 mini meals in the entire day. You must have surely heard the famous saying of Adelle Davis. He said “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.’’.

8.Drink a lot of Water

Drinking Plenty of Water

Studies have shown that drinking more and more water is the most important factor in the health and fitness of your body. It helps in proper elimination and detoxification. Water constitutes almost 70% of the human body. Water helps in circulation, digestion and transmission of different thing within the body parts. It helps in flushing out metabolic wastes. Drinking at least 16-20 glasses of water is essential for a healthy body. Water also helps in toning of the body and it is also said it dissolves fats thus you can also get rid of obesity.

7.Be hygienic person

Be hygienic person

Be a hygienic person and brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day which can help you get rid of plaque and harmful bacteria in your teeth. Regular brushing will make you help in whitening your teeth. Another important thing to follow is that wash your hands after using bathroom or after performing any dirty task. Designing a hygienic technique will help you in a good lively health.

6. Increase your Social Circles

Increase your Social Interaction

Researchers say that people with more social circles tend to live a happier and healthier life than people with poor social life. So turn yourself into a social guy. Keep interacting with people around you and increase the circles of your friends and family. As you know that humans are social animals so they like to live, share their feelings with each other and you can only do this if you do have a huge connection with a lot of people you love. You can remain physically and mentally fit by communicating with others.

5.Express Your Emotions

Express your Emotions

Express your emotions properly and never fear to hide your expressions from people around you. There are actually seven major emotions which play an important role in the health of any human being. They include joy, anger, sadness, fear, grief, fright and pensiveness. All of these emotions tends to be found in normal and healthy persons but the excesses of any of these or fear to hide any of them may causes severe imbalance in the body or even illness. So you must try to understand and play with emotions properly.

4.Pursue your passions

Pursue your Passion

Have some passion about anything don’t fear to underestimate that. Set some hobby for you and take it along with you. It can be anything like taking photos, building models, welding, making cards or whatever depending on your moods and thoughts. Be creative and it will surely give you a healthy mind and a great physical fitness too if your hobby is like gardening etc. Try to go outside and find some natural and living activity and avoid sitting inside the home all day long.

3. Effective Exercise and Walk

Exercise and morning Walk

Walk is another most important factor to stay fit and healthy. Do play or walk 15-20 minutes daily away from your home. You can take a hike, or can get active in household chores. Apart from that you can also join a gym and start doing a bunch full of wonderful exercises. Doing effective exercise is really an effective and important way to improve your health and endurance.

2.Adequate Sleep at Night

Adequate Sleep At Night

Get proper and adequate sleep at night. To mention here that Children and kids should at least sleep 10 hours and adults should sleep about 7-8 hours at night to keep the optimum performance of their body. Try to sleep in dark and turn off all the lights and if you are unable to switch or turn off the lights then wear an eye mask so you get proper sleep and get fresh in the morning for all the tasks of the next day.

1. Visit Doctor Regularly and Regular Check up

Visit Doctor Regularly and Have a Regular Checkup

Visit your family doctor regularly and have a regular complete check up of your body for any abnormal condition. To stay safe prevention is better so try to quit smoking and strop drinking. Also avoid risky activities like fighting, unsafe sex and thrill seeking activities. Adjust your diet plans properly so that you can easily achieve your goal to make your health better. Health care providers can be of really great help in these times.


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