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Top Ten Best Video Games of 2016

 As 2016 winds down, it was an amazing year for a large amount of publishers and gamers alike. Though there were some major flops, (we’re talking about you, “No Man’s Sky”), publishers like Blizzard showcased their multiplayer master piece, while many series sequels were overshadowed by re-releases. It was a grab bag for the top ten video games of 2016 this year, so here is 10 of the best video games of 2016.

10. MLB The Show: 16

The almost role-playing-like  Road to the Show is as beloved as ever, and the best sports game on the market (aside from the heralded NBA 2K series) continues to be an ever-growing, and more realistic, by the year, recreation of America’s pastime. What really made this installment above peak past the last few is the new Conquest Mode, which is like baseball Risk: where you play other teams to take over the fans based in different parts of America.  Keeping the RTTS updated is another yearly fixture of  The Show series and is as enjoyable as ever.

MLB The Show 16 - PlayStation 4
Price: $2.08
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9. Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter series has been around since 1987 and started as an arcade game, developed by Capcom. Flash forward over 25 years and they are bringing stunning visuals and the one-on-one fighting style that made games like Mortal Combat and their later installments so popular. With refined controls for movement and fighting, Street Fighter V will be welcoming for seasoned veterans or newcomers to the arcade fighting series.

8. Dark Souls III

Known for breaking controllers and frustration like no other, Dark Souls III comes to a bittersweet close to the series. The hum-drum graphics of the dungeons are spectacular here, getting better with every installment; it really helps set the tone for the next 12-20 depressing hours of game play. Not much changes from each installment, but Dark Souls III is a series known for catering to just what their fans want; a insanely challenging, yet ultimately thrilling and worthwhile fulfilling journey to the end of the series.

7. Monster Hunter Generations

One of the biggest MMOJRPG, the Monster Hunter series continues it’s domination with Generations, on the Nintendo 3DS. The action fighting sequences are as fluid as ever, featuring the huge creatures the series boasts. Rewarding you for putting time and effort into the game, you will be hard-pressed to want to put it down any time soon.

6. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

If you’re in the mood for a game that is more about the story-telling side of things, the Uncharted series is right up your alley. Featuring a movie like campaign mode, the story design is well above what many games boast today. genuine characters, a beautiful cinematic experience, and the end to a classic story of a thief and his friends, Uncharted 4 and the series will stay in the minds of fans far into the future.

5. Battlefield 1

Taking notes from all of the pissed off COD fans, Battlefield One took us back to our first World War experience. Landscapes for which multiplayer matches take place are captivating, most likely looking much better than the actual war grounds. With many campaign modes faltering to short and uninspired missions, especially those of the FPS kind, Battlefield One brings in a crack-shot campaign mode that hasn’t brought as much enjoyment since a play-through of Treyarch’s masterpiece: Black Ops.

4. Far Cry Primal

Where as most Far Cry games have the absolutely most stunning environments, the campaign modes usually render the game to simply completing the same missions, over and over again. With Far Cry Primal, though, the environment is much more a part of the missions. With a Stone Age environment,  you are tasked with surviving and thriving within the environment itself. Interacting with the landscape brings a much needed focus to the strong point of the Far Cry series: interactive environments that hold more of a purpose then simply killing animals for supplies or finding treasure underneath a shallow pond.

3. Call of Duty 4: Remastered Edition

Having to spend 80$ to get this game and the not very surprising dead-weight game of Infinite Warfare was a drag for many fans. But, it is absolutely totally worth it: whether you think of it as 20$, 40$, or a waste of 80$ for another game you did not want. The graphics eclipse those of any installment so far and runs smoother than I remember from the original. Everything from the campaign mode, to the coveted multiplayer are the same, just boasting updated graphics and smoother game-play. Whether you are a avid COD fan or have given up on the series on a whole, I would implore you to support this game, it may be the only way they listen to their fans.


Another revitalized series, DOOM holds dear what we all loved about the game: it’s heavy metal soundtrack and Bad-ass monster killing equipment. Looking stunning as ever, you would be hard-pressed to go back and play the originals after experiencing this beauty. As stated before, there is not many changes to the overall mechanics or ideas of the game, just go out and become the most dangerous, alien killing machine you can be.

Doom - PlayStation 4 [video game]
Price: $15.33
You Save: $14.66 (49%)
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1. Overwatch

Whether you play or even know about Blizzard Entertainment, makers of games like World of Warcraft and the Diablo Series, the developers decided to take their hand at console,  multiplayer FPS, and we are so ecstatic they did! With a choice of over 23 heroes to play from, in a variety of different match modes, Blizzard got this game so right. It is never a boring match, even when watching your friends dominate the objective modes. With an array of different characters and unlimited combinations to strategize against your opponents, don’t expect your friends to want to get on Infinite Warfare anytime soon.


Well, that’s our list everyone! hope you enjoyed our list, do you agree? any games you think we missed? let us know in the comments below how we did. Also, stay tuned for our top 10 list of the biggest video game flops of 2016! Thanks for reading!!


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