Top 10 Extremely Bizarre Phobias

Ever heard about Seleno-phobia? or Ephebi-phobia? or Oneirogmo-phobia? Well this one surely is the phobia of all teen boys as Oneirogmophobia means fear of wet dreams. And Selenophobia means fear of the moon. And the meaning of Ephebiphobia is fear of youths. Huh… that’s a quite an unusual list of phobia, isn’t it? A phobia … Read more Top 10 Extremely Bizarre Phobias

Top 10 Types of Ear Piercing

Helix Piercing

Almost all the cultures have a tradition of ear-piercing. It is vividly celebrated today as a fashion or trend. Archaeological evidences from Persia show both men and women with their ear pierced.  English Renaissance during the 1950s  made ear-piercing common among different courtiers. Beautiful jewels are being designed today to adorn the ears. Let us explore … Read more Top 10 Types of Ear Piercing

Top 10 Useless Inventions

Inventions have helped the human race to evolve. Be it motor car to television, inventions have been making our life better since time unknown. Researchers and scientists spend endless hours in inventing their creation. A 500 year old invention could be an integral part of our lives now. Though, when a creator ends up being … Read more Top 10 Useless Inventions