List of Ugliest Pokemon

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Pokemon are around us for 25 years. It was launched in the year 1995. Since then, we have loved it and became our friends, as well as companions. Pokemon is supposed to look badass or cute. However, sometimes their appearance is worst.

When it comes to pokemon, it has many designs. Many designs are memorable and classic and some are ugli`est.

Now, some of you might have interested to know about the ugliest pokemon. Right? Here is the list of ugliest pokemon.

10. Snubbull

snubbull - List of Ugliest Pokemon

This is one of the ugliest pokemon. In fact, it is an ugly cute Gen II Snubbull and in real life, it is almost like a pug. This can be quite a lovely creature. However, this is possible only if you make use of your imagination and is having a big heart.

9. Barbaracle


Barbaracle is called as the Collective Pokemon. It is more of a community instead of an individual. The Rock/Water-type is an accumulation of Binacle- seven. Its torso, limits and its head are individual binnacle aiming at diverse tasks.

Moreover, the eyes on barbaracle’s hands remind of the Pale Man from Guillermo del Toro’s fantastic Labyrinth of the Pan.

8. Electivire


Electivire is a bit more terrifying as compared to other Pokemon. It was kind of ugly, but the evolution of this pokemon launched in Gen IV is worse. Moreover, its appearance is like a genetically-modified alien gorilla, which has an unhinged facial expression. It also has a disturbing proble-like tentacle, which is coming out of its back.

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7. Purugly


This ugly pokemon is the best example of having beauty in the eye of the beholder. Purugly develops from the classy Glameow. However, this is only after their owner hauls them beyond recognition.

Moreover, this pokemon will become bigger, foul-natured, and fatter as time goes on. When it comes to this stage, it is like a real cat.

6. Alolan Persian

053Persian Alola

Persian is one of the kitties who are one step away from being a regular and real-world animal. The face alone says a lot. Moreover, the appearance of Alolan Persian is like greatly stung by bees.

It has an oversized head, bear ears, and big wide eyes. Moreover, it has a small neck and in fact that the head of this pokemon is not tilted from being unable to support the weight

5. Ice: Crabominable


This ugly pokemon is like a disturbing punch egg having anime hillbilly hair. Now, like other ugly pokemon, the ugly features of this pokemon are also in its face. It has crazy eyes and Goofy teeth, which was a mistake for its design.

4. Nosepass


Nosepass is one of the ugliest Pokemon in Generation two. The design of this pokemon is boring and has an ugly nose. Moreover, without a nose, it will look even worse.

3. Ambipom


Ambipom is yet another pokemon design. Thought this comes under the list of ugliest pokemon, Ambipom is cute as well. However, the hands of this pokemon are so awful.

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In fact, several players have mentioned that the appearance of hands are less like fingers and more like something else.

2. Forretress

forretress 355x280 1

Forretress is the lost growth potential. The evolution of Pineco could have been into a cool armadillo. Apart from this, it can also evolve into something with spikes, which went along with the theme of the first form.

Forretress is ugly like hell and appears nothing like its pre-evolution. In fact, it is generation two’s eyeshore.

1. Exploud


This pokemon appears as an angry mess of Majin Buu Tentacles. It was not designed with appeal in the mind. Though it’s a fact, its appearance is not bad when the mouth is not open.

Final Thoughts

Now, this was the list of 10 ugliest pokemon. If you think we have missed out any ugli pokemon, then let us know anytime. We will update it.

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