10 Rarest YuGiOh! Cards in the World

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YuGiOh!, which means “King of Games” in Japanese. Many cards are there in Yu-Gi-Oh, but some of them are very rare. Considering this, today we are mentioning about the 10 rarest YuGiOh! Cards across the world.

Check out 10 Rarest YuGiOh! Cards in the World:

10. Minerva The Exalted Lightsworn


In Yu-Gi-Oh!, this is one among the few archetypes. This is the card that makes the players excited about the Lightsworns years.

Moreover, this was awarded to the winners of Yu-Gi-Oh! world championships in the year 2015.

You can get this card in super rare, as well as ultra-rare versions. However, the value of this card is USD 2300.

9. Shrink


This is a quick play spell card, which doesn’t have many usages as compared to other cards. However, in the beginning, acquiring a copy of this card was quite difficult.

The release of this card was in the form of prize card for the 2006 Shonen Jump Championship. You will get this card at a minimum of $500 and a maximum of USD 2000.

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8. Des Volstgalph

des volstgalph

Des Volstgalph was used once in anime by Yugi. This card is quite a terrible card for the Shonen Jump Championship 2005.

The value of this card is around USD 2188.75 in eBay. Apart from this, you can look for its common version as it costs only a few cents.

7. Signed Japanese Tournament Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon


The original launch year of this card is 2001. This was one of the prizes awarded to the winner of Asian Championships 2001.

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When it comes to the value of this card, 45 million yen was the asking price, which is around $417, 2809. In the beginning, the sale of this card was done on the Card Shop Spiral store in the year 2018 in Akihabara.

This card comes in a box signed by Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! This is one of the best 10 Rarest YuGiOh

6. Iron Knight of Revolution

iron knight

The current value of Iron Knight of Revolution is $12,999 and the original release date was 13th August 2017.

Now, the reason behind its rarity is – only once the card is given to the participants who won the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship of the year 2017.

When it comes to this card, only 3 copies were given out in the World Championship. In fact, these cards are the 1st match winner cards, which are Link Monsters.

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5. Shonen Jump Championship Cyber Steins

Shonen Jump

In Shonen Jump Championship series, Cyber Steins was the prize. This is one of the rarest and valuable cards and gets up for sale most of the times. Moreover, when it comes to selling this card, it only costs a few thousand dollars. However, this is possible only if it is in mint condition.

In the beginning, only 18 prize cards were launched. However, it is expected that about 126 cards were sold.

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Though this is a fact, this is one of the prize cards that got banned from the tournament play.

The current value of this card is $7000 and was released originally in the year 2004.

4. Chinese Dark Magician


The Chinese Dark Magician is the ace of Yugi’s deck. The launch of this card was only in China and that too as a part of Shonen Jump giveaway. At the time of launch, 100 copies were printed and as a result, its cost has become $1000.

However, for Arkana cosplay in style, you must have this card.

3. Chinese Blue-Eyes White Dragon

white dragon

The main rival of this Yu-Gi-Oh card is Dark Magician. Now, the launching of Chinese Blue-Eyes White Dragon was done in China. This card was released as a part of Weekly Shonen Jump giveaway.

It indicates that if you purchase a copy Shonen Jump in the apt time, then you will get a copy of this rarest card in the entire game.

The value of this card is USD 1300. However, its value might reach up to USD 3900.

2. Dark Magician Girl


It is one of the beloved monsters by the Yu-Gi-Oh. When it comes to this card, the original print was a Japan.

You can get this card either in the form of lottery or prize in secret rare or rare variants. If you won the secret rare version card through the lottery, then you will get only 100 copies. Moreover, it will set you back around USD 50,000 on the eCommerce platform –eBay.

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1. Tournament Black Luster Soldier

black luster soldier

The card is printed on stainless steel. In fact, it was the price of first Yu-Gi-Oh! in 1999 tournament back. The appearance of this card is on a Japanese trading card in 2013. When it comes to this card, the seller might ask 998 million yen (approx. 9 million USD).

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Final Words 

We believe you’re happy with our 10 Rarest YuGiOh blog as we have shared the vital information about the 10 rarest cards of Yu-Gi-Oh! all over the world.

As per our point of view, we have covered almost every single information about the cards, but still, if you feel anything missing, reach out to us.

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