Top 10 Best Maplestory Link Skills

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Link skills are those that are transferable in Maplestory. These skills unlock at the 70th, 120th, and 210 level for some specific characters. If you level up the link skills, you can make use of these skills on other characters.

Link skills can improve the DPS and stats of your character. One character can get a maximum of 12 diverse link skills at a time. Now, as there are many link skills, you might feel confused about choosing the best one. Additionally, you may also feel doubt on which Link Skill to attain first.

Considering this, we did deep research on it. As a result, here we are listing out the best 10 Link Skills.

10. Bravado (Hoyoung)


He is a new character class who provides a 12% increase in damage and 10% ignore DEF. However, he provides this only when attacking monsters with full health. Hoyoung is of no use against bosses. Though this is a fact, it can be better for mobbing in order to help you one-hit KO monsters.

9. Noblesse (Adele)


In Maplestory, this is the newest class. Its appearance is like she is going to be too strong. Her link skill increases the damage by 2 to 8%. The increase in damage depends on how many party members you have. In fact, you must have a maximum of 4 members.

Additionally, Noblesse increases boss damage by 5%. This is one of the best skills to have with you when you are in a bossing or party.

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8. Focus Spirit (Beast Tamer)

beast tamer

Focus Spirit, the Link Skill of Beast Tamer is a mix of other Link Skills. This Link Skill will provide you with an enhanced crit rate chance. Not only this, but also will provide boss damage as well as HP & MP boosts.

Moreover, as compared to other Link Skills, this is more versatile.

7. Tide of Battle (Illium)


This Link Skill gets activated when moving a specific distance. The highest number of stacs is 6 times and the duration is 5 seconds.

The tide of Battle is a stacking Link Skill, which maxes out at +12% damage. Stacking is too easy as you just have to walk around.  Moreover, the damage buff is significant as well as consistent.

6. Hybrid Logic (Xenon)


It can cause a +5 to 10% increase in stats. Hybrid Logic is quite a boring Link Skill. However, it is very solid in all the classes except Demon Avenger.

5. Spirit of Freedom (Resistance)


In Maplestory Link Skills, the bronze medal goes to Spirit of Freedom. It provides a maximum of 8 seconds of strength after respawning from death.

In fact, this is the perfect boss skill as you always run the threat of getting spawn killed instantly when combating bosses. This issue will go away with this Link Skill. Moreover, it provides 8 full seconds to you for rebuffing and repositioning yourself.

Now, if you want to boss at all, then you will surely need this Link Skill.

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4. Judgment (Kinesis)


This Link Skill can cause a maximum of more than 4% crit damage. Though it doesn’t look like huge damage, when it comes to the numbers of cumulative damage, this is quite a good damage.

It is more important as compared to boss damage buff or base attack. This is because when calculating total damage, crit damage is the second last calculation to take place.

3. Solus (Ark)


This is one such Link Skill that can increase the damage by 1% when activated. Solus is similar to the Flow of Battle. Moreover, this is a stacking Link Skill, which caps out at damage of more than 16%.

However, instead of walking around to stack it, you have to attack something. Solus is a bigger buff and more reliable as compared to Flow of Battle.

2. Elementalism (Kanna)


Elementalism is one of the best Link Skills along with Wild Rage. This offers a more than 10% increase in damage. However, Wild Rage offers more than a 15% increase in Damage.

In MapleStory, the damage is the most significant stat.

1. Wild Rage (Demon Avenger)

demon avenger

This Link Skills offers more than 15% damage and is the best Link Skills in MapleStory. Damage is the stat in MapleStory, thus a flat out the percentage-based increase in damage is incredible.


Link Skills are one of the best methods to enhance the stats, damage, and survivability of characters. We hope that now you are clear with Link Skills in MapleStory.

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Through this blog, you will get an idea to choose the best Link Skills in MapleStory.

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