Best Class in Maplestory

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When it comes to Maplestory, five basic roles are there. The roles are Mage, Archer, Pirate, Thief, and Warrior.

Now, if you are confused about the best class of each role, then this article is good for you. Here you will get to know the best Maplestory classes of every role.

10. Blaster


The introduction of Blasters was done in 2016, and since then it is at the top of the warrior role. It reached the top position because of its overall strength, as well as damage output. Warriors are always popular for their lack of constant DPS, low mobility, and slower attack speed as compared to other Maplestory roles.

Blasters are speed-based warrior, which neutralizes the weaknesses with constant DPS and superb mobility. Moreover, while comparing with other Warrior classes, this is less tanky. It is because Blasters lack frontloaded damage extenuation from the rivals.

Blasters excel at mobbing, as well as bossing and is super fun to play. However, its survival ability is low than other Warriors. Moreover, it needs high funding to increase the potential and is mechanically demanding.

9. Night Walker

night walker

Night Walker is the same as Night Lords. However, Night Walker is a more flexible and mobile playstyle. It has bigger risks, as well as rewards. Moreover, Night Walker shines against bosses with their two immediate reposition capabilities and amazing mobility. It is one of the perfect constant damage outputs in the entire game.

Though it is extremely squishy, Blasters have some amazing tools for survivability. Moreover, after the Fifth Job Skills, they are also one of the great mobbers in the game. It has constant DPS and great mobility. Additionally, Blasters has outstanding attack speed with animatronics cancelling.

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However, it needs Sticky Keys and lacks constancy in boss fights.

8. Angelic Buster

angelic buster

Like other strongest classes, Angelic Blasters also depend on chaining combo skills. Angelic Busters also tend to be one of the classes that are lesser-played. This may be because of their acquired taste and mechanical difficulty.

The skills of Angelic Busters consists of an internal cooldown. These internal cooldowns will get an opportunity to reset using every skill.

When Angelic Busters launched, they were the only class that can go beyond 1 million damage cap. The damage cap increased to 50 million, as well as Abs were strong between the year 2013 and 2017.

Angelic Busters have sturdy debuff with Finale Ribbon. However, it does not offer much in the party situations. Moreover, she is quite squishy and lacks self-peel. As a result, everything is based on external items, as well as dodging attacks.

It has the highest base damage ratios and powerful midgame. However, its defense for melee class is low and the attack speed is slow as compared to pirates.

7. Kinesis


Kinesis is one of those Mage classes, which has the efficiency to nerf hammer. As compared to other Mages, which attack quickly. The attack speed of Kinesis is fairly slow. Moreover, the power of Kinesis arises from telekinetic power. It has one of the greatest mobbing strengths in the entire game.

Along with this, Kinesis also has the capability to make the best party members with their rival debuff binds and skills. Not only this, but also has the ability to disperse rival buffs.

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Kinesis has amazing mobbing skills and high DPS against the mobs that are stationary.

6. Pathfinder


She is the best class in the entire game. It has several pros of other Archer classes. Almost all the archers perform the best attacking while kiting the rivals using their Hurricane Skills. The damage arises from chaining skills together.

Pathfinders are one of the finest mobbers in Maplestory. When it comes to pathfinders, the only weakness it has is the lack of power stance devoid of Mihile Link. However, it is quite negligible.

It has insane mobility and capability to the mob. Not only this, but also has high and reliable base damage. However, it depends on stacking debuffs to increase DPS and need Sticky Keys.

5. Cadena


She grew up as a Nova royal family member. When Magnus, a Nova Warrior becomes a traitor to his race, he leads the army to attack Heliseum. In this scenario, the whole royal family will get wiped out, only the Cadena will survive.

She makes use of Thief Equipment and the main stat is Luck.

4. Aran


This is one of the legendary figures. In fact, she is one among the six heroes who have sealed away the Black Mage.  The memories of Aran are fuzzy despite the fact that she is released from the ice cage.

She can make use of her polearm to release the strong combos. Not only this, but also can freeze baddies using her chilling ice skills.

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3. Marksman


Marksman is a DEX archer class part. It makes use of crossbows as the primary weapons and Bow Thimbles as a secondary weapon. It has long-ranged, as well as hard-hitting attacks with piercing snipe and arrow.

The eyes of Marksman are sharp and offers %Crit Rate, as well as damage to the members of the party.

2. Hero


It’s an STR warrior class and makes use of swords, as well as Axes as the main weapons. As secondary weapons, they use Medallions or Shields. It causes huge final damage and is simple, well-rounded and beginner-friendly.

However, its mobility is poor and has linear playstyle.

1. Buccaneer


This is one of the subclasses of Pirate, which makes use of knuckles to knock-down their opponents in the close-range fight. Moreover, they have a combined trait of a Thief and Warrior. It has a 100% stance and amazing utility.

Final Opinion

Hopefully, you got to read this blog. We covered the best Maplestory classes in detail so that you can get an idea on the finest class in Maplestory.

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