MapleStory Leveling Guide

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Are you in search of a Maplestory training or levelling guide? If yes, then this is the best place. This blog explains everything about Maplestory levelling.

Through this blog, you will get to know about the best spots to train. Not only this, but also will know about the quest by level range. This will help you level up quickly and open more link skills.

The fastest method to level up at the beginning is to go through the three starting theme dungeons. This includes Gold Beach, Riena, and Ellinel. In this way, you will get access directly to the 60th level quickly and easily.

Maplestory also includes a battle analysis system. This system tracks your EXP and damage over a duration. Now, if you’re interested to optimize the speed of your levelling, then move on and run the tests. With this, you will come to know what maps and mobs offer the perfect bang for your buck.

After that, activate the analysis and grind for at least 30 to 60 minutes. Then, stop the test and compare it with others.


Next, have a look into the resources of Maplestory.



When it comes to Maplestory, many resources are there. The resources can help you enhance the amount of EXP that you earned in the game. You may face quite difficulties in attaining some of the Maplestory resources. Moreover, you can attain some resources only if any one of your characters reach the 100th level.


Now, have a look at some of the Maplestory resources.

Hyper Teleport Rock: This rock can be purchased from the Cash Shop. For one day use, you are supposed to pay 5,200,000 Mesos. With this rock, you can switch the training maps quickly as compared to the normal speed. This will help you teleport to any map as per your desire.

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Monster Park Potions: This resource including Extreme Gold Potion, Red Potion, Blue Potion, and Green Potion will last for half an hour. However, this is only if you play Daily Monster Park. This game is available at every level after the 100th level.

Runes: Runes will get generated on the map every 15 minutes. However, this is only after you reach the 30th level. If you actuate any one of the runes, then you will attain 2x EXP. This will last only for 2 to 3 minutes.

Burning Maps: This resource will come on your map at or above the 100th level. It indicates that when you defeat the monsters, the burning map will offer additional EXP to those monsters. If you go on defeating the monsters, then the burning effect of the map will begin to slow down.




In Maplestory, almost all the players cannot wait for levelling up and unlock more Link Skills. Are you one among them? If yes, then read on.


5th Job Advancement – Level 200 to 275


  • Level 190 to 200- Fox Valley
  • Level 200 to 211- Scrapyard: Scrapyard Hill 4
  • Level 212 to 225- Cave of Repose: Below the Cave
  • Level 230 to 250- Arcana: Deep in the Cavern
  • Level 250-255- Lachelein Tower
  • Level 260-275- Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior



  • Level 200 to 220 – Tranquii Erda or Soulful Erda
  • Level 225 to 250 – Ripe Without or Birdshark
  • Level 250 to 275- Dark Construct or Forberion
  • Levels 140-200: Fourth Job Advancement (Hyper Skills)
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Fourth Job Advancement (Hyper Skills)- Levels 140-200



daily boss

  • Level 140 to 145- Korean Folk Town: Goblin House
  • Level 145 to 150- Minar Forest: Black Wyvern’s Nest
  • Level 150 to 155- Kerning Tower
  • Level 155 to 165- Stone Colossus
  • Level 165 to 170- 3F Arts & Entertainment Shops 4: Kerning Tower
  • Level 170 to 175- Daily Boss
  • Level 175 to 180- Showa Town in Zipangu: Armory
  • Level 180 to 190- Fox Valley



dark wyvern 

  • Level 140 to 145- Yellow King
  • Level 145 to 150- Gatekeeper
  • Level 150 to 160- Dark Wyvern
  • Level 160 to 175- Grape Jelly Juice or Blue Notebook
  • Level 170 to 185- Gray Luxury Saucer
  • Level 185-195: Foul Ooze Waste
  • Level 195-200: Chaseroid Red or Sinister Rocky Mask


Levels 100-140: Fourth Job Advancement



  • Level 100 to 106- Grand Anthaneum
  • Level 106 to 111- Leafre: West Leafre Forest
  • Level 110 to 122- Lion King’s Castle
  • Level 122 to 126- Ludibrium: Toy Factory <Apparatus Room>
  • Level 126 to 130- Korean Folk Town: Black Mountain Entrance
  • Level 130 to 135- El Nath: The Cave of Trials III
  • Level 135 to 140- Crimsonheart Castle




  • Level 100 to 105- Blood Harp
  • Level 105 to 120- Rash or Robo
  • Level 120 to 130- Moon Bunny or Thanatos
  • Level 135 to 140- Dual Ghost Pirate


Levels 60-100: Third Job Advancement



ellin forest

  • Level 60 to 70- Excavation Site: Military Camp 1
  • Level 70 to 75- Mushroom Castle
  • Level 75 to 82- Aqua Road: Red Coral Forest
  • Level 83 to 90- The Afterlands
  • Level 95 to 100- Ellin Forest
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  • Level 60 to 70- Copper Drake
  • Level 75 to 80- Luster Pixie
  • Level 85 to 100- Dark Sand Dwarf


Levels 10-30: First Job Advancement


  • Level 10 to 15- Henesys: Spore Hill
  • Level 15 to 23- Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3
  • Level 23 to 30- Henesys: Golem’s Temple Entrance



  • Level 10 to 22- Green Mushroom
  • Level 22 to 30- Curse Eye


Level 30 to 60: Second Job Advancement

Interested in levelling up to 60 quickly? If yes, then do any of the following Theme Dungeons:

  1. Riena Strait
  2. Ellinel Fairy Academy
  3. Elodin
  4. Gold Beach

To begin with these Dungeons, you have to click on “Quest Notifier” given at the screen’s left side.


  • Level 30 to 40- Savage Terminal: Shaded Dump Site
  • Level 40 to 45- Gold Beach
  • Level 45 to 50- Ellinel Fairy Academy
  • Level 50 to 60- Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land



  • Level 30 to 45- Violent Clam Slimes
  • Level 40 to 60- Wild Boar



Are you all clear about the Maplestory levelling? We believe your answer is yes as we have mentioned everything in this blog.

For further clarification, get in touch with us.

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