Top 10 Reasons You Should be Drinking More Water

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If you ever find yourself parched during the day, which you most likely are, your body is telling you that you are overdue for some hydration. Once your body tells you it’s thirsty, you have already been dehydrated for a bit, so it would be best to go get a big glass of water, instead of a tall glass of Coke. Here is the top 10 reasons why you should be drinking more water!

10. it will make you look younger!

water makes your skin more doughy and look much more exuberant. It also helps to lessen pronounced wrinkles and the bags under your eyes.


9. You will feel much more alert during the day

Water is one of the best things to keep you awake and moving, as it’s hydrating your body and putting it into peak performance mode. Next time you have a late night at the office, pick up a cold glass or two of water, you will feel much more awake then you did.


8. It’s free

Or a lower cost than most liquids, for the most part.


7. It can help fend off mid-day cravings

If you ever find yourself wanting to bust out the sweets, only a little bit after your lunch, you may be dehydrated. We can feel hungry, even though we are not truthfully, as our body wants is telling us it needs something; grab some water!

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6. Can help reduce the likely-hood of development of cancer

Drinking more water has been found in various research studies to almost cut in half the risk of Colon and Bladder cancer.


5. Less body pain

Water can help hydrate everything in your body, as we are made up of mostly water. Try drinking a few glasses, before you take your pain pill.


4. Less risk of a heart attack

Drinking more water, especially a glass before bed, can drastically reduce your chance of having an heart attack.


3. Water can help clear your skin

If you suffer from acne anywhere on your body, water can help clear it up! Water helps your body plunge the toxins, which are a major cause of acne.


2. It keeps you alive

Humans can stay alive without food for up to 3 weeks, but without water, you will be lucky to even survive a week. Most only survive for 3-4 days. Luckily, there is water in almost everything we consume, so you should not be worried about death from dehydration.


1. Water can help you lose weight

Water helps quench your thirst and hunger, which are the two main reasons why people are overweight. If you cut out the high caloric soda’s, which also make you crave more food, and just drink water, you will not be ingesting as much calories and you will not be as thirsty, or hungry.

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Now that you know some riveting reasons why you should be trying to consume more water in your diet, drink up! Water really can make a huge difference in how you feel in your daily life, so let us know if you started drinking more water and how it helped change your life! If we missed anything or if you just liked the post, leave us a comment! also, follow us on twitter at: @OhTopTen for updates on new articles coming up. Thanks for reading!

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