Best 10 Maplestory characters

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Every character in Maplestory is an entity, which represents the gamer. The MapleStory characters are divided into subclasses, as well as jobs. This provides diverse content for gamers to select for in-game pursuing.

Once the creation is over, the player can start as a newbie and start their journey in Maplestory.

Now, let us have a look at the characters in the Maplestory.

10. Kaiser


Several years ago, Nova, a mysterious race lived in peace on Grandis. The Nova is a combination of humans and dragon. Moreover, the Nova is secured by a legendary warrior, named Kaiser. This is only until the Nova warrior Magnus occupied their lands.

Kaiser fought gallantly but has to sacrifice himself to stop Magnus and his army. Moreover, he uses a huge two-handed sword. He can move out from the battleground quickly using some skills. The skills include Vertical Grapple and Air Lift.

Its primary attribute is strength (STR).

9. Dawn Warrior

dawn warrior

The Dawn Warrior is the soldier of truth and is a light in the darkness. He is a strong swordsman who has an unparalleled skill. He is protected by the spirit of light, Sol.

Moreover, he channels the sun’s and moon’s power into strong attacks, as well as have high defence. The primary weapon of Dawn Warrior is one to two-handed sword and attribute is strength.

8. Aran


She is one of the legendary characters in the World History of Maple. Moreover, aran is one of the 6 heroes who sealed away the evils and Black Mage. The memories of Aran are fuzzy. Moreover, the more she recollects her past, the more power she unlocks.

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She can make use of her polearm to unleash the strong combos. Additionally, she can halt baddies with chilling ice skills.

7. Xenon


Xenon (Kidnapped by Black Wings) was experimented on and provided cybernetic enhancements. He can equip Pirate gear and Thief without meeting the requirements of the stat. It has three main stats.

Xenon can make use of an energy supply, which is unique to him to power his skills. He uses a lethal energy whip, which can cut through almost everything.

6. Night Walker

night walker

This is Cygnus Knights, which serve the night. These tricksters are dexterous and lucky, as well as have mastered the art of the tossing star. The primary attributes are LUCK and weapon is Claw (for throwing stars).

5. Kanna


The mad warlord Oda Nobunga in the year 1582 finally seized the control of Japan. Oda attempted a ritual in the Honnou-Ji temple. However, was thwarted thanks to the efforts of a young pastor of the occult, namely Kanna.

Kanna is an alternative to the Magician class and has a magical fan. Moreover, it is complemented by the spirit fox Haku.

4. Beast Tamer

Artwork Beast Tamer

Chase always had a dream of being a hero. However, he never got much chance for adventure in her small town. She is one of the most flexible characters in the entire game. Moreover, she is the best choice for animal lovers.

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If you choose the Beast Tamer class, then you will get the chance to combat alongside some animals. The animals include a snow leopard, bear, Arby, and hawk.

3. Kinesis


He is a local hero in the city, which is located within the world of Friendstory. Kinesis has the power of telekinesis, which he uses for safeguarding the citizens.

Moreover, he makes use of telekinesis also for attacking monsters, as well as controlling the objects nearby.

2. Luminous


He is one of the six heroes who overpowered the Black Mage several eons past. Luminous was the last hero who was standing during the climactic battle and delivered the last blow.

Though this is a fact, luminous was stained by the evil of Black Mage and leaning into a fitful sleep for several years. He is armed with an Orb and Shining Rod. Not only this, but also has a unique questline. The questline differs from the rest of the classes of Maplestory.



Evan is a simple farm boy until he fell across a mysterious dragon egg. The dragon Mir of Evan is a steadfast companion. He begins playing the game as a mere hatchling. However, When Evan levels up, the Mir grows larger.

Mir is the primary method of attack of Evan. It has the ability to blast rivals with the elemental breath attacks.

Final Words

Now, have you all clear about the top 10 characters in the Maplestory. We have explained clearly about the ten characters.

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Still if any doubt in any of the mentioned characters, then do let us know by commenting.

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