Ultimate Maplestory Training Guide

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Maplestory is a huge world that comprises of unique monsters across every corner. It also consists of many lands, as well as dimensions.

No matter whether you are a new player or returning player, you can face difficulties in navigating the maple word. Not only this, but also may face difficulty in finding the perfect monsters for training at the current level.

In this blog, you will get to know about the suitable training spots all every level starting from 1 to 85. This guide can be useful for regular, as well as reboot servers.

Have a look.

10. Level 75 to Level 85

level 75 to 85

Valley II in EI Nath is the map that needs to be made in use at these levels. This is another thin map, which you can clear easily. The map is perfect for levelling and as a result, you must stay here until 85th level.

If you take the Danger Zone Taxi in EI Nath to Ice Valley II, you can get to this map directly.

9. Level 70 to Level 75

level 70 to 75

At the 70th level, you have to head towards Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I. In this map, you will find 3 diverse kitten mobs with five platforms.

If you want, you can clear the complete map quickly. On this map, the spawn rate is excellent, which ensures that the mob will be there always to defeat.

8. Level 60 to Level 70

level 60 to 70

For these levels, Silent Swamp in Sleepywood is the best spot for training. In fact, this is a classic spot for training. Several players use this spot when it comes to training before the 60th level.

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The map is very popular and as a result, you might face difficulty in finding this map. However, this situation is only if you are on a Reboot or well-known server.

Some gamers stay till level 75 rather than 70th level.

7. Level 55 to Level 60

level 55 to 60

In this, you have to use Skeledogs and Mummydogs at Excavation Site Military Camp 1. This is a thin map, which has a convenient teleport at its bottom. The teleport will take you back to the top.

This teleport allows you to start from the map’s top. Not only this, but also clears the platform, jump down and similarly repeat this until you reach the teleport.

In fact, this is one of the easiest maps that can be used for training at all the classes.

6. Level 45 to Level 55

level 45 to 55

During these levels, burnt land is good. It is Wild Boar Land in Perion, which is a big map. The map consists of Wild Boars, as well as Terrified Wild Boars. At this spot, the spawn rate is the things that make it a stunning map to train.

If you want this map, you have to go to Perion.

5. Level 40 to Level 45

level 40 to 45

During this level, the enchanted forest is the best training spot. The enchanted forest is the Gravi Stonegar at East Pantheon.

As compared to regular mobs, the mob here contains more HP. However, it provides more EXP per mob. Now, if you are having a strong character, then you can move on to Gravi Stonegar at the 35th. It means you don’t have to wait till you reach the 40th level.

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To acquire this map, you must go to Pantheon via the Interdimensional Portal at Six Path Crossway. Go through this portal and use the direction to move on.

4. Level 30 to Level 40

level 30 to 40

From 30th to 40th level, the Gold Beach features multiple maps, which are perfect to train. However, they changed Gold Beach. This, in turn, make all the mobs scale to the gamer’s current level from 30th to 59th level.

As a result, you cannot train at Gold Beach Map. In fact, all the mobs provide the same EXP. However, training at Gold Beach Seaside 2 is good. This is because it is a great map for mobbing. Not only this, but also has an amazing spawn of Violet Clam Slimes.

3. Level 20 to Level 30

level 20 to 30

Have you reached the 20th level? If yes, then you should move on to Curse Eye. The Curse Eye is in Ellinia at the North Forest Green Tree Trunk. If you need, you can stay on “North Forest Green Tree Trunk”.

This map is bigger as compared to the one that you were training at from the 10th to 20th level. Now, to acquire this map, you have to go Ellinia. After that, make use of the portal, which is situated at the town’s top right. Then, make use of directions or world map.

2. Level 10 to Level 20

level 10 to 20

The amazing map to train from 10th level to 20th level is Golem’s Temple. The mobs are simple to take out for all the classes. This, in turn, makes it the go-to place for training all the new characters.

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You can go to Golem’s Temple 3 if you walk right from Henesys.

1. Level 1 to Level 10

level1 to 10

In the beginning, you will be taken through a tutorial based on the class that you are playing. Thus, no specific training spots are there from level 1 to 10.

Final Opinion

Now, that’ our explanation on Maplestory training guide. We have covered from level 1 to level 85.

If you have any suggestions or doubts regarding this blog, feel free to comment.

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