Best Starter Pokemon Shield

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Choosing the best starter Pokemon is one of the significant decisions that you have to make in a Pokemon game.

Now if you are moving on to Galar for the 1st time this Christmas, you must know which Pokemon shield and sword to select. Though every Pokemon shield and sword are delightful, you have to choose anyone.

When it comes to choosing the best shield and sword, you can argue that none of them is best technically. It’s because all of them are wonderful. However, there are some in-game elements, which can make an influence on your first decision.



Grookey is the grass type and its nature is Adamant. It’s all about making use of his stick to beat the music. However, the Gym Challenge is the leader Milo in Tuffield. Thus, you have to arm yourself with an Ice, Fire, Poison, Bug, and Flying-type Pokemon along with Grookey. This is because your Grass Type starter will not make waves in this gym.

Though this is the fact, the second Gym Challenge is alongside the Nessa (Water Gym Leader), who you can make use of Grookey to take down single-handedly. As the appearance of Grookey is like a monkey, first it evolves into Thwackey and then into Rillaboom.

Now, as grass type Pokemon is the first gym leader, Grookey will be at difficulty during the game’s early stage. After that, it will not get easier.

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This Pokemon does not tend to learn several moves, mainly grass and normal moves. However, Grookey can learn some moves of fighting type via TMs like Drain Punch and Low Kick. Thus, the Pokemon will be again at difficulties against several Pokemon.

Though the second gym leader is a Pokemon of water type, the third gym leader is a fire type. This indicates that among all, Grookey will be the most challenging. Moreover, if you like challenges and switching up the Pokemon you use, then this one is the best choice.



Sobble is a water-type Pokemon and Timid is its nature. This Pokemon is the one, which struggles in the first 2 hurdles in the Gym Challenge. It will be a strength to your party.

Sobble is an amazing Pokemon shield and sword starter as it is capable to learn moves from other Pokemon types. It is a water lizard Pokemon, which later evolves into Drizzile and then into Inteleon.

Pokemon that are water-type are always a safe choice. It’s because some good water Pokemons are available in the wild.

As the first gym leader is a grass-type, this Pokemon is at difficulty. Now, if you are not going to explore in the fishing or Wild area for water Pokemon, then Sobble is the best choice.



Scorbunny is a fire type and has a jolly nature. This Pokemon type is filled to bursting with a fiery passion. The focus of Scorbunny is on highlighting us Brits’ love of sports. Scorbunny wants to be very active every time.

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Though it is a fire type Pokemon, it’s a great Pokemon shield and sword starter as Grass-type is your first gym. Moreover, as long as you’ve Electric or Grass Type Pokemon in your team, you will be golden.

This fire type Pokemon evolves into Raboot and then Cinderace. Sword, as well as the shield, features a range of amazing fire type Pokemon. This includes Torkoal, Growlithe, and Vulpix. Thus, by not choosing Scorbunny, you will not miss an important team member.

As compared to the other three fire-type Pokemon, Scorbunny learns the best moves. At level 12, it learns Double Kick and at the 17th level, it learns Flame Charge.

Flame Charge is an amazing move, which boosts its speed. Double Kick is also effective against normal Pokemon. In fact, it’s amazing for managing pesky NPCs.

Scorbunny has a good advantage as the first gym features a grass type leader. The 2nd gym features a water type in which you would like to attain other Pokemon to manage and lastly a fire leader in the 3rd gym. Moreover, this signals a multitude of boxes.

Final Thoughts

So, have you got the idea on best starter Pokemon shield? In my opinion, Scorbunny is the best one to start with.

It learns the moves quickly and will help you make your life easy. Moreover, Scorbunny fairs against the leaders of the gym later on in the game. However, it is up to you. You can choose the best one depending on your desire.

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