Top 10 Best Board Games Ever

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Games have always been an interesting thing of our life. As of now, there are many online games with which today’s generation spend time. Though there are online games, board games are something, which doesn’t make bore. I believe that some of you might have played any of the board games. At the same time, some of you may not be aware about it.

If you are one among them who don’t about this game, then this blog is completely for you. Here we’re mentioning the top 10 best board games ever.

Kindly have a look.

10. Ticket to Ride

ticket to ride board game

This is one of the popular board games that has won several awards. More than 6 million copies of this game have been sold. In this game, players can travel on the train all over the country. While travelling, the players are supposed to collect cards of different trains. With these cards, players can buy railway routes between diverse locations.

This is an easy game but requires an intelligent strategy to win. If you play this game, you’ll see a range of “destination tickets”. This will provide you with the opportunity to get bonus points.

9. Jaws: The Game

jaws board game

The tabletop version of this game consists of two phases. You can play the phases separately, as well as together. It is a well-known game because of its theming and anxiety-laden mechanics. Not only this, but it is also famous due to its flexibility.

If you want you can play this game with two people or else by forming a group.

8. Axis and Allies

Axis and Allies board game

This board game is a series of World War II strategy. Axis and Allies are developed by Larry Harris and approximately 2 million copies of this game have been printed. It is published in the year 1981 by Nova Game Designs.

In the year 1984, the Milton Bradley Company republished the game. They released this game as a part of Gamemaster series.

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7. Dominion

Dominion board game

Dominion is a new board game. It has become famous in the last ten years. After its release, several extension packs has also released. These pack has made Dominion bigger and bigger. The focus of this game will be on deck building. Through this game only, the concept of deck building became famous. In this game, every card gets especially interacted with others. This can help you to win the game.

However, winning this game is not so easy. It requires a strategy mentioning the number of players playing cards in their hands and the way they are going to build the deck with cards.

6. Carcassonne

Carcassonne board game

It is one of the amazing classic board games. Now, you can get this game from several platforms. However, playing in its original formal offers a different gaming experience.

This game is developed in the year 2000. It is named after a walled medieval town.

5. Clue

Clue board game

The clue is also known as Cluedo. It is the top detective game in which you have to solve the crime. In this game, there will be one murder with 6 aspects.

The objective of the game is to find the murderer, the weapon used for murder, and the room where the crime took place. In this game, when you reach the room, you have to ask the player who is in your left whether they have any particular weapon, room, or character.

If they are having any of these things, then they are supposed to show you that. However, if they don’t have anything, then the question will pass on to the next person. During the elimination process, you can remove the weapon, suspect, as well as the room.

On the other hand, if you are wrong, you’ll be out of the game. This game can be an interesting one.

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4. Scrabble

scrabble board game

Alfred Mosher Butts in the 1930s invented this game. He invented it during the Great Depression of America. This game can bring smiles to many people. Scrabble is easy to play but it requires deep thinking.

To play this game, you have to start with seven tiles with the letter and its equivalent points that are given on the front. In every turn, you have to create a word with the help of tiles you have. The points will be calculated on the basis of squares where the words are placed.

However, the words should be attached to the played-out words. This, in turn, makes the game a little bit difficult.

If you have no more tile remaining with you, then you can calculate your scores. However, if you have any tile left, then the points will be deducted. A player with the highest number of points will be the winner of the game.

3. Risk


This board game was developed by Frenchman in the year 1957. The name of the Frenchman was Alber Lamorisse. This game was initially named as La Conquete du Monde, which means “The Conquest of the World”.

This game was retitled as “Risk” by Parker Brothers. In fact, they only introduced this game in the United States.  In this game, your target is to remove your rivals and take over the control of the complete territory of board.

This game is very popular among the students of high school, as well as university across the world.

2. The Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan board game

With this game, you can get into the historical era of voyages and discovery. In the game, you’ll see the ships landing on the coast of territory that is unchartered. The name of the ship is Catan. This game is based on trade, as well as the economy and it aims to earn the island of Catan.

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In this, you have to use the natural resources of the island to construct cities, as well as trade goods. Though you have to earn more points, it is not enough to win. To win the game, you have to trade with your rivals. Thus, when you reach this phase of the game, you must develop an effective strategy for ensuring trading and to win the game.

1. Chess

Chess board game

Chess is a very popular game throughout the world. It is one of the oldest games played by almost all the people. Chess comprises of King, Queen, 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, 2 Rooks, and 8 pawns. This game was first introduced in India and soon it reached Europe, as well as Asia.

It is also known as “royal game” because of its popularity among the members of the royal family. In the 20th century, this game has become highly popular resulting in conducting the Chess competition all over the nation.

Moreover, as of now, you can play this game online as well.


Playing board games is an interesting thing to do in your free time. The board games are very interesting. We believe that this blogs is perfect destination to know about the top board games. Hope you like our “Top 10 Best Board Games Ever” article

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