8 Best accessories in Terraria

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Terraria is the huge RPG/sandbox survival game, which has something that all the gamers need. No matter, whether you’re interested in awesome weapons, exploration, terrifying bosses, or magic, this game has everything you need.

If you want to make your character strong, then you should have the available accessories. It’s because, with each accessory, something will get added to your character. This includes increased melee damage, increased movement speed, damage per second tracking, and a lot more.

Accessories play a vital role in creating the best and strongest character.

Now, want to know about the best terraria accessories? If yes, then here it goes the top 8 terraria best accessories.

8. Mana Flower

Mana Flower terraria

This is another accessory necessary for magic users. It consumes mana potions automatically for the gamer when their mana runs out. This indicates that if you’re having a group of functions stacked up, then you can make use of magic weapons devoid of any worries.

Apart from this, the effect of Mana Flower gets stacked with other items related to it that reduce the cost of mana.

7. Magic Cuffs

Magic Cuffs terraria

This is one of the essential accessories for mages, mainly those who are fond of combative magic. Magic cuffs have the capability to boost your maximum mana by twenty points. Along with this, when the gamer takes damage, it restores mana. This will be helpful in boss fights when the gamer finds themselves out of mana.

6. Charm of Myths

Charm of Myths terraria

The charm of Myths is like Magic Cuffs. This accessory has the efficiency to increase the regeneration of life. Moreover, it decreases the cooldown time required for healing potions by 25%.

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Crafting this accessory is done by combining a Philosopher’s Stone and Band of Regeneration. To get this accessory, you have to either search for chests in Living Mahogany Trees or the cavern layer in the underground Jungle.

After this, enter into the hard mode and search for the monsters, which disguise as chests (mimics). Then, farm them for philosopher’s Stone. Mimics have around 14.29% to drop the Philosopher’s Stone.

Finally, combine 2 ingredients a Tinkerer’s Workshop to create the Charm of Myths.

5. Paladin’s Shield

This accessory is a symbol of strength and might, an artefact of the Dungeon’s ancient Paladins. Paladin’s shield is the best choice if you’re a warrior. This is because it grants negates knockback and extra 6 defense.

When the HP of the player is at 25% or above, the shield deflects 25% of all the damage dealt with the players who nearby.

To get this Paladin’s Shield, you have to defeat all the three mechanical bosses. Once you downfall this boss, go to the world’s dungeon. Once you reach there, you have to search for a rare paladin. The rival has a chance of 13.56% to drop the shield of the paladin.

4. Destroyer Emblem

Destroyer Emblem terraria

This is a force to be figured with and is amazing for all the classes of characters. Moreover, it offers an 8% critical strike and 10% damage chance for all types of damage.

Moreover, this accessory can stack with other accessories that increase damage. For example, Warrior Emblem or Avenger Emblem.

To get destroyer emblem, first of all, you have to attain 3 out of 4 emblems fallen by the Wall of Flesh. This will help you to overthrow the boss several times. After that, defeat 3 mechanical bosses after getting into Hardmode.

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Now, combine five of every soul fallen by the mechanical bosses with all the 3 emblems fallen by the Wall of Flesh. This will help craft the Avenger Emblem. After overthrowing the Plantera, you have to search for the temple in the jungle and fight the Golem boss. The boss is having a 12.5% chance to drop the Eye of the Golem. The Eye of the golem is the last and essential ingredient.

Finally, combine the Eye of the Golem and Avenger Emblem to craft the Destroyer Emblem.

3. Celestial Shell

Celestial Shell terraria

This is the best accessory in the entire game. With this, you can get a surplus of varied buffs and destroy boosts. Not only this, but also enables the wearer to freely swim and breathe underwater.

In fact, this is an amazing accessory, which has the efficiency to transform the wearer into a werewolf at night. Not only this, but also converts the gamer into merfolk. It is done only in water. This, in turn, grants them increased ability and mobility to breathe underwater.

To get this accessory, first, you’ve to kill werewolves during full moons to attain the Moon Charm. After that, summon a Solar Eclipse. Now, during the solar eclipse, you must also slay vampires to attain the Moon Stone. Then, attain Sun Stone by overthrowing the Golem boss in the Jungle Temple. Now, combine the Sun Stone and Moon Stone in order to form a Celestial Stone and then combine the celestial stone and moon shell and get the celestial shell.

2. Worm Scarf

Worm Scarf terraria

If you think you are capable enough to conquer one of the major bosses – Eater of worlds, then you are proficient in collecting the best accessory in Terraria.

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Worm scarf is an expert tier accessory. If you’re having this accessory, then you’ll take only 17% less damage from every attack. Moreover, this accessory will make you a threat to rivals in singleplayer, as well as multiplayer.

1. Ankh Shield

Ankh Shield terraria

This is one of the best accessories accessible in the Terraria. It provides resistance to various debuffs, negates knockback, and grants an extra 4 defense.

The immunity of this accessory is amazing for certain debuffs. This includes darkness, confused, bleeding, chilled, silenced, broken armor, burning, slow, and weak. Moreover, it allows gamers to walk on Meteorite and Hellstone.

If you craft this item, then your life in the Terraria will become easier. Along with this, your character will become stronger.


As we wrote earlier, here in this blog, we have covered the 8 terraria best accessories. By reading this blog, you’ll get a complete idea about them. With this, you can find the best accessory for your character.

So, why to wait for more. Hurry up and choose the best accessory.

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