Best Skyrim Character Builds Guide

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When it comes to Skyrim, there are several possible Skyrim character builds. As there are many Skyrim best builds, you can choose one depending on your perks and skills. It will help you in performing better in certain ways as compared to others. This is the reason why it is good to make sure how you want your character to fight like prior to beginning spending your perks and experience into random stats.

Though there are many best Skyrim builds, we are showcasing some of the powerful and well-known roles that you can build.

1. Battlemages

Skyrim character builds Battlemages

These are one of the most fascinating characters in the Skyrim. When some companions combat in this style, it would be very effective if you run it by yourself due to its overwhelming damage potential.

Now, if you are running or in a plan to use this combo, you will have to wield a weapon in one hand. Not only this, but you’ll also have destruction magic in your other hand. The next thing that you have to do is to kit yourself in a light armor enthralled with buffs to Magicka regeneration, as well as spell costs. In this way, you’ll get a bigger pool of Magicka.

The best or perfect battlemages in terms of stats are known as Dark Elves. The wrath ability of their ancestors is excellent for controlling the crowd mainly when you get overawed. Imperials and Redguards are also perfect for this play style.

Making use of combat and Magicka will make the battlemage suitable for the players who are not playing Skyrim and interested to have a well-balanced character.

This character can help you with all the levels. It has the capability to damage the health of your rival before killing them by fighting with hand.

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2. One-Handed Warrior

Skyrim character builds One-Handed Warrior

Nords, Redguards, and Imperial are the perfect races to become a better one-handed warrior. In this best skyrim character build, your heavy armor is your highest ally. Moreover, it will also help you in fighting even the most toughest enemies in the Skyrim.

In the beginning, you might move slowly and may face difficulties in the fighting. However, soon you’ll become a perfect one-handed warrior when you level up the perquisites above.

Moreover, it would be good if you study the restoration magic. If you don’t want to study this, then consider having certain healing items to use during any emergency situations. This is because most probably you’ll be fighting with close and relatives that can make you vulnerable every time.

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3. Mage

Skyrim character builds Mage

This is an unclear term in Skyrim, as many magic stats are there to level up. Every magic stat has its own merits. Thought this is a fact, there is a type of mage, which is different from others and that is the chaos mage.

Chaos mage is a term, which is made only for the purpose of this build. To become this mage, you have to invest in over just Destruction magic.

4. Thief

Skyrim character builds Thief

If you would like to be a Stealthy little thief, then you can consider choosing from Khajiit, Wood Elf races, and Khajiit. As we all are aware of the fact that thieves are not for fighting, instead they steal and vanish things. This is the reason why it is important for you to level up Archery to fight your rivals at the range and make use of illusion to hide yourself from the enemies.

5. Assassin

It is same as archers in several ways, but it is not necessary that Wood Elves will be the best. The most perfect races to this build are Khajiit, Dark Elves, and Argonians. This is because they all are the masters of subterfuge.

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If you’re an assassin, then you’ll be using only daggers and bows. These both will get huge damage bonuses if you have solved the right sneak perks. With an assassin build, you can pull off some fascinating fight plays in Skyrim.

As an assassin, you are not supposed to get involved in any head-on fight. Instead of this, you should choose stealth and sneak up on the target using a paralyze spell in one hand and sword on another.

If you get a sufficient pickpocket stat, then you have the power to kill folks by planning poison quietly on their person. Additionally, assassins are exciting to play, highly skilled, and potent of fight situations to boot.

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6. Vampire Build

Skyrim character builds Vampire Build

Interested to become one of the pure blood vampires in Skyrim? If yes, then this best skyrim character build is perfect for you.

The vampire build sewer the life force form rivals using the charming weapons. It also gets infinite enchantments. For this build, you need destruction enchantment, twin enchant park, the sword of harkon, and resistance to fire enchantment.

This build has the efficiency to drain the life force from the rivals having enchanted weapons. Moreover, vampire build doesn’t take any kind of reduction in competences in the sunlight.

When it comes to this best character skyrim build, you will require certain things. This includes twin enchant perk, harkon’s sword, resistance to fire enchantment, and destruction enchantment.

7. Bruiser

These are Nords, Redguards, and Orcs. In this best character build skyrim, you will like don heavy armour. With this build, you’ll have fun with 2-handed weapons. Though this is a fact, you can still opt for a combo of a sword and shield. The main purpose of this build is to be in thick of battle every time.

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Moreover, bruisers are the warriors who always depend on Shouts. This is because your magic output is nearby non-existent.

8. Ebony Warrior Build

Skyrim character builds Ebony Warrior Build

With this, build the two-handed warrior without any mods. For this, only you need is determination and skill.

A two-handed warrior kills the enemies from a distance, drain the enemies of life using every swing, and has unlimited enchantment. However, for this, you need a battle axe, long hammer, war hammer, great sword, ring of namira, cyclone shout, and a lot more.

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The character build in Skyrim is considered as ambiguous. It’s because no official builds are there to adhere to.

If you have obvious on a playstyle, then you can create your own builds. However, to create builds, you’ve to invest in perks, weaponry, skills, and armour. Choosing the best character builds can help you enjoy the most while playing.

Now, in this article, we have mentioned some of the character builds in Skyrim. Thus, reading this blog can help you choose the one that can meet your requirements.

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