Top 10 Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

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In this blog, we’re mentioning the best sword enchantments in Minecraft. When it comes to enchantments in Minecraft, enchanting a sword can prove to be very advantageous for the players. However, this can be costly as Lapis Lazuli, as well as levels.

Now, some of you might have the interest to know how to enchant a sword in Minecraft. Considering this, here we’re explaining the process.

Know How to Enchant the Sword in Minecraft

Before starting the enchanting process, make sure that you have an Enchanting Table. For this, you need 5 Obsidian and 2 Diamonds. If you have a Diamond Pickaxe, then you’ll require 5 Diamonds.

After crafting, take 15 Bookcases and keep them in such a way that it surrounds your Enchanting Table. This will enable you to unlock the enchantments of the highest level. If any Enchantment book is owned by you, then you can combine these with your Sword inside the Anvil.

Moreover, if you wish you can give a name to your sword.


Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

As we mentioned above, enchanting swords are always fruitful for players. It’s because you’ll get an enhancement in your weapon, which can help you in some situations. Moreover, with these enchantments, players can fight with the biggest gangs in the game.

Now, let’s have a look into top 10 best sword enchantments in Minecraft.

10. Knockback (II)

Knockback sword enchantments minecraft

This enchantment can be used only on swords and adds extra 3 blocks to the default base of knockback. It is helpful to you in situations when a group of zombies encircles you and you want to survive.

9. Curse of Vanishing (I)

Curse of Vanishing I sword enchantments minecraft

The “Curse of Vanishing” enchantment is meant for vanishing the items after the death of players. It means if the players use the weapon with this enchantment, then the weapons will disappear when they die.

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This enchantment will prove useful to you if you’re in a PvP server. It will not allow your enemies to take your items.

8. Bane of Arthropods (V)

Bane of Arthropods V sword enchantments minecraft

This sword enchantment is best if you want to kill the gang of arthropods in the game. The groups of arthropods are mainly cave spiders, endermites, spiders, or silverfish.

For example, if your XP farm consists of spider spawners or cave spiders, then you can easily destroy them.

When it comes to endermites, these are found mainly on “The End”. However, the Silverfish are generated in the strongholds.

7. Unbreaking (III)

Unbreaking III sword enchantments minecraft

Unbreaking sword enchantment is one of the most significant one in the entire game. This is to make your items last for long, this enchantment is necessary for you.

With this sword enchantment, the durability will not reduce the usage of each item. Moreover, this enchantment will be useful for you to prolong your weapons. Though this is a fact, it doesn’t indicate that your weapons will not get damaged.

6. Fire Aspect (II)

Fire Aspect II sword enchantments minecraft

It is one of the most interesting enchantments in the game. This enchantment can be applied only to swords. Swords with Fire Aspect can set its target on fire.

Due to this effect, if you kill any group of animals using this sword, then it gets cooked immediately. Thus, you can save the resource used for fuel. Though this is a fact, you can set fire on yourself accidentally if you fight with any hostile gangs or other players.

When it comes to this sword enchantment, no effect will there on groups, which can be found in Nether. However, it will work on endermen, as well as skeletons in the Overworld.

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5. Smite (V)

Smite V sword enchantments minecraft

This enchantment may be useful to you if want to fight with the Wither. With this sword enchantment, the damages against the undead gangs will increase. The gangs include zombies, as well as skeletons.

If your XP farm is full of zombie and skeletons, then Smite is the best choice.

4. Sweeping Edge (III)

Sweeping Edge III sword enchantments minecraft

This sword enchantment has the efficiency to upsurge the amount of damage dole out by Sweep Attacks.

Sweep attacks are when the attack meter is charged fully. Moreover, the damage will get increased by 50%/67%/75%.

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3. Mending (I)

Mending I sword enchantments minecraft

This is one such enchantment, which is used by many folks. It’s because it helps the entire longevity of items. This enchantment reinstates the durability with the help of XP orbs.

Items with this enchantment can be repaired if you’ve XP farms. However, it will not work with arrows having infinity enchantments.

This sword enchantment ensures that the experience you gain during fighting or mining rival results in mending the weapon or tool. You can use this with your weapons and tools that you use often.

2. Sharpness (V)

Sharpness V sword enchantments minecraft

To enhance the amount of melee damage that your sword will manage, you can add this sword enchantment. This enchantment adds 1 damage then 0.5 for every extra level at the initial stage.

The damage per level is 1.25 on Bedrock Edition. Moreover, you cannot get this with the Enchanting Table.

With this sword enchantment, you can finish off your opponents quickly. This will help you save your precious time for gathering, as well as a building resource. Sharpness (V) adds a boost to the melee damage made by your weapon. As a result, it is used on weapons such as an axe or sword.

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In fact, killing your rivals in Minecraft can be an easy process with this sword enchantment.

1. Looting (III)

Looting III sword enchantments minecraft

This sword enchantment is equal to Fortune enchantment that you can use on shovels, as well as pickaxes. However, instead of mining, this sword enchantment adds the number of drops from the mobs slayed by the gamers without affecting the XP orbs.

With this enchantment, killed gangs can drop more loot and enhances the number of drops. However, the possibilities of getting rarer drops by 5.5% at the highest level.

It is a perfect farming Gun Powder. Moreover, it is very useful when you’re on a hunt for items like wither skeleton skulls or eye of ender.

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Hope you have understood the best sword enchantments in Minecraft and how to enchant it. However, if you want to know more about the sword enchantments or any doubt in this blog, please do let us know.

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