Top 10 Best wings in terraria

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When it comes to terraria wings, you can found it only hardcore mode. Along with this, you can either earn it from quests or else can be crafted with the help of feathers, as well as certain other precious items. However, this will be depending on the quality and rarity of the wings.

However, to craft this, some will require more items as compared to others. At the same time, everyone will require an orichalcum anvil or Mythril. Though it’s a fact, if you are on a plan to craft lunar wings, then you’ll require ancient manipulator.

Apart from this, there are several other things to be considered when crafting this item. This includes flight duration, physical appearance, speed, and a lot more.

Now, many of you might have the interest to know the best terraria wings. Bearing this in mind, here you’ll get to know the 10 best wings in Terraria.

10. Vortex Booster

Vortex Booster Wings terraria

Vortex booster offers several things to the gamers. You can hover it while flying by holding the down key. When you hover it, you will get a 300% increase in the speed of horizontal movement.

It is one of the fastest wings as it has 12.00 as acceleration and 113 feet as the maximum height. In order to craft this item, you’ll require 14 vortex fragments, as well as 10 luminite bars.

9. Butterfly/ Fairy/ Bee Wings

Butterfly Wings terraria

When it comes to these three wings, all are having an acceleration of 6.75 and height of 135 feet. To craft all these wings, you’ll require twenty souls of Flight.

The fairy wings will need 100 pixie dust, an ingredient dropped by pixies and bee wings need 1 tattered bee wing dropped in the Jungle biome by Moths. Similarly, butterfly dust is also dropped in the Jungle biome by Moths.

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Butterfly dust drops 50% drop rate and the pixie dust drops complete 100%, but the tattered bee wings have a low drop rate.

8. Angel/Demon Wings

Demon Wings terrariaAngel Wings terraria





Both of these wings are almost same except the dissimilarities in crafting. To craft the demon wings, you’ll need 25 souls of flight, 10 feathers, and 25 souls of night. However, when it comes to crafting the Angel wings, the materials required are same except one. For this, you have to use 25 souls of light in place of 25 souls of night.

The acceleration of these wings is 6.25 and max height is 104 feet.

7. Steampunk Wings

Steampunk Wings terraria

These wings are a little bit better as compared to the Spooky Wings and Tattered Fairy Wings. It’s because its acceleration is 7.75 and height is 182 feet.

You can purchase these wings from the Steampunker NPC. However, this is possible only in hardmode and that too after overcoming the Golem boss. Moreover, you can buy the wings for one platinum coin.

6. Nebula Mantle

Nebula Mantle Wings terraria

These wings are an endgame item and require 14 nebula fragments and 10 luminite bars. You can craft the luminite bard from luminite ore that is dropped by the Moon Lord boss. The nebula pillar drops the nebula fragments.

The nebular mantle has 236 as flight height.

5. Leaf Wings

Leaf Wings terraria

These are the easiest and best wings to get early into the hardmode. The acceleration of leaf wings is 6.75 and height is 162. As compared to other hardmode wings, these have fairly low stats.

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If you want, you can purchase it from the Witchdoctor NPC. However, you can buy it only at night in a jungle biome and that too for one platinum coin.

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4. Betsy’s Wings

Betsys Wings terraria

These wings are dropped by the boss with a similar name. It spawns only in the last wave of the event named Old One’s Army. Moreover, this is only after you defeat the Golem. Old One’s Army is a unique event, which acts as a cross over with Dungeon Defenders 2.

Betsy’s wings are one of the fastest wings in the entire game with an acceleration of 12.00. The flight height of Betsy’s wings is 182 and allows to hover while flying. However, this you’ve to do by holding the down key.

3. Solar Wings

Solar Wings terraria

The flight distance of these wings is 325 feet and has 9.00 has acceleration. As a result, it is one of the balanced wings as compared to all other 10 wings in the game. You can craft these wings using 14 solar fragments and 10 luminite bars. Both these are end game materials and thus, you will found them after some time only.

To craft these wings, you’ll require the ore dropped by the Moon Lord.

2. Fishron Wings

Fishron Wings terraria

Fishron wings are a unique type of wings, which enables gamers to travel at a fast pace in all the liquids. This includes honey and lava.

As compared to other items, these wings are faster with some same effects such as Flippers and Moon Shell. You can found these wings by making use of a truffle worm as bait while fishing in the oceans.

Fishron wings hold a low drop rate. The flight height of this wing is 286 and acceleration is 8.00.

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1. Stardust Wings

Stardust Wings terraria

Stardust wings hold the top position in the game in terms of highest flight height with 7.50 as acceleration. These wings have several other unique qualities as well. It allows the users to hover with it by holding the down key while flying.

By hovering, you’ll get a 150% increase in the speed of horizontal movement. Now, if you’re wearing stardust armor (full set). To make wings, you’ll require 14 stardust fragments and 10 luminite bars.

You can smelt luminite bars cane from one dropped by the Moon Lord. However, at the same time, stardust fragments are released by the stardust pillar.

Moreover, you will found these wings in the late game due to the rarity of the required materials.

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