How to Make an Enchanting Table in Minecraft

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An enchantment table is a block, which allows gamers to spend their experience point levels. This is to enchant tools, books, weapons, armor, and several other items.

Having an enchantment table will enable you to saturate items with special capabilities. This ranges from infinite sturdiness to knockback attacks. Creating an enchantment table in the game of Minecraft requires some necessary materials.

Want to know the materials that are essential for crafting the enchantment table? If yes, then here it is.

Materials Required to Create an Enchanting Table

To create an enchanting table, you will require the following materials:

  • 1 Book


  • 2 Diamonds

minecraft diamonds

  • 4 Obsidian


Mine for Diamonds

Diamond is one of the unique ores that are found only in the deep underground. For better results, you have to look for these ores on layers 5 to 12. You have to dig deep till you get the bedrock. The bedrock is an unbreakable grey block. After that, count 5 to 12 blocks above it.

When it comes to mining the diamonds, you should use diamond, netherite pickaxe, or iron.

Important points to remember:

  • You should not dig straight down. Having a Staircase mine can help you stay safe from lava, as well as pits.
  • To create the enchantment table, you will require two diamonds. Along with this, you will require a diamond pickaxe for mining obsidian that needs 3 more diamonds.
  • You must stick to layers 11, as well as 12 to avoid almost all the lava.
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Make Obsidian

Obsidian is a block of dark black color, which appears only when the flowing water hits the lava. To make this happen by yourself in order to make the buckets out of the three iron ingots. Now, scoop up lava with 1 bucket and pour the lava into a 4-block pit. After that, pour the water from a higher structure so that it will flow down onto the lava.

Finally, ensure that lava must become obsidian.

Mine the 4 Obsidian with a Diamond Pickaxe

The Obsidian blocks will drop only the crafting materials. However, this is done only if you make use of a netherite pickaxe or diamond.

Craft or Find the Book

The player can break apart bookshelves in strongholds or village libraries in order to attain ready-made books.

Apart from this, you can craft them yourself. Here are the ways for it:

  • Kill horses or cows until you attain a minimum of one leather.
  • Cut 3 sugar cane reeds.
  • Create 3 sugar cane into the paper. (You have to keep the 3 reeds in one row).
  • Combine 3 pieces of paper and 1 leather to create a book. You can place these materials anywhere in the crafting place. The paper should be placed in separate squares.


  1. Finding sugarcane can be a difficult task. Thus, you have to start a farm for sugarcane.

How to create an enchanting table?

  1. Open the menu for crafting

First of all, open the crafting table. Now, you will get the 3×3 crafting grid.

  1. Add the necessary items to create the enchanting table
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To create the enchanting table, you have to keep 1 book, 4 obsidian, and 2 diamonds in the crafting grid.

Moreover, when it comes to creating an enchanting table, you must remember that all the materials should be placed in the exact pattern. In the crafting grid’s first row, you have to keep one book in the middlebox. After that, in the 2nd row, 1 diamond must be there in the 1st box, one obsidian in the 2nd box, and one diamond in the 3rd box.

Then, in the 3rd row, 3 obsidian must be there.

  1. Move your enchanting table to inventory

After crafting the enchanting table, you are supposed to move the all-new item to the inventory.

Final Thoughts

So, now are you all clear with the methods to create the enchanting table? This blog explains the method step by step.

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