Top 10 Bosses In Terraria

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In terraria, bosses come in almost all sizes and shapes. You can trigger bosses usually by reacting as per the environment. However, you can also summon this using certain items with respect to each boss.

Bosses are of different types. This includes hardmode bosses, mini-bosses, and pre-hardmode bosses. When it comes to hardmode bosses, you will find it only in hardmode and mini or event bosses. This type is available only when you finish the first playthrough and defeat the pre-hardmode bosses.

Now, here is the list of terraria bosses:

10. Eater of Worlds

eater of worlds

This terraria boss is found only in the world with corruption chasms. You will see this after every 3rd Shadow Orb breaks. Moreover, it will appear also when Worm Food is made use. In fact, it is quite a challenging foe for all the players. This is applicable for experienced gamers, as well.

9. Plantera


To beckon Plantera, you have to destroy the bulb of Plantera in the underground jungle. This is after beating the mechanical bosses. It includes The Twins, The Destroyer, as well as Skeletron Prime.

8. Skeletron Prime


This terraria boss ramps up the struggle from his precursor Skeletron. It also takes a laser gun, cannon, and saw to prevent the fight.

After that, ensure that you defeat the Skeletron Prime prior to sunrise. This is because otherwise, he will surely kill you in 1 blow.

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If you need you can beckon this terraria boss by making use of a Mechanical Skull. Moreover, you can summon anywhere at night time.

7. Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh

It has 2 lazer-firing eyes, as well as sharp teeth. The Wall of Flesh also burps hostile leeches. To summon this, you need to throw a Guide Voodoo Doll into a pool of lava.

Moreover, this is one of the toughest terraria bosses to beat.

6. The Twins

the twins

You will identify this duo from the pre-hardmode boss Eye of Cthulhu. You can summon this terraria boss by making use of a Mechanical Eye at night. Both the eyes have diverse HP, as well as fighting styles.

5. Moon Lord

Moon Lord

This terraria boss is a treasure trove of endgame items. To summon him, you have to defeat all the 4 celestial towers from the lunar events. Apart from this, you can do this process by making use of Celestial Sigil.

The total health of Moon Lord is 1,45,000. Moreover, this is the most complex terraria boss that you will come across.

The Moon Lord takes patience to prevent deadly laser attacks from all the three eyes of the Moon Lord. However, this is only when several eyes get destroyed at different stages.

4. Brain of Cthulhu

brain of cthulhu

This will arrive after every 3rd crimson heartbreaks. However, this is practical only if the eye was not sufficient. Along with this, it can also appear after making use of a Bloody Spine.

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The Brain of Cthulhu comes along with an army of creepers, as well as 2 attack types. However, it has quite a low HP, which makes this an interesting challenge for the newbies

You will get this terraria boss only in the world that has the crimson biome.

3. The Destroyer

the destroyer

When it comes to bosses, this is one of the easiest hardmode bosses. However, it can provide a challenge. This is because it shoots lethal lasers in quick succession at gamers.

Now, if you want to summon this terraria boss, you will require a Mechanical Worm all over the world at night.

2. Skeletron


If you want to access the Dungeon, you have to defeat the Skeletron. Moreover, it is a difficult foe and should be killed prior to the night is up. It’s because otherwise it will surely kill you in 1 swift swipe

1. King Slime

king slime

King Slime is the bouncy blob of blue. It can be summoned with the help of a Slime Crown. Not only this, but also if you kill the 150 slimes during a slime rain. Moreover, it is quite easy to conquest and also the best beginner challenge.


So, now you are clear with the bosses in terraria. Right? If yes, then it is good. However, if you have any doubt about this, you can reach out to us anytime.

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