Top 10 Best Quests in Skyrim

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Skyrim consists of several outstanding quests that almost all the players like. In this article, we are mentioning 10 of the best quests in Skyrim that we got to know from our comprehensive research.

However, before that, we want to let you know one thing. When it comes to quests in Skyrim, some of you might have the interest to know about the highest paying cool Skyrim quests.

Considering this, here we’re citing that as well.

Here it is.

Highest Paying Skyrim Quests

In Skyrim, the highest paying quest is “the Thieves guild”. It’s because, in this quest, you can access quick quests. These quests can be done within 10 minutes for 500 septims.


Top 10 Skyrim Quests

Kindly have a look.

10. The Silver Hand

The Silver Hand skyrim quest

If you want to get defined as the Dragonborn, then this quest is for you.

When you join the companions and performs some quests for them, you will get a chance to become a werewolf. You are supposed to do this to continue with the questline for the faction. However, you don’t have to get worried about this, you can avoid this when you reach the end.

9. Dampened Spirits

Dampened Spirits skyrim quest

This is a quest that centers on trickery. Maven Black-Briar seems to be unhappy because of not having a standard competitor to the brewery of her family. As a result, will give you a task to poison the brewing vats with rat venom. This focuses on the vats in Honningbrew Meadery.

8. The Fallen

The Fallen skyrim quest skyrim quest

When it comes to the main storyline, one of the vital moment is the task of catching a dragon. In this quest, you’ve to trap Odahviing. Odahviing is one of the servants of Alduin in Whiterun. This can help you in knowing the whereabouts and current location of Alduin.

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Moreover, in this quest, you will get a chance to ride a dragon for the first time.

7. Frostflow Abyss

Frostflow Abyss skyrim quest

To activate this quest, you have to go to the Lighthouse of Frostflow. This is situated on the coast east of Dawnstar.

This is a mystery quest like “Blood on the Ice”. It throws you in a shocking scene of the lighthouse. Along with this, to get Skyrim Frostflow Abyss, you’ve to move on to journals with increasing scary entries.

If you’re getting into the lighthouse for the 1st time, then it might be a disturbing experience for you. It’s a fact that though you’re a low-level, you may have to wait afore trying this quest. This is because the rivals in the query don’t hold back.

Moreover, there is a possibility of probing deep into the earth too. Thus, consider stocking up on potions prior to enter the lighthouse of Frostflow.

6. The Cure for Madness

The Cure for Madness skyrim quest

This quest showcases significant moments, which later can affect your game. This includes deciding whether you have to kill Cicero or not.

We have to deal with the distraught and devoted member of the Dark Brotherhood deceived Astrid. After this, when we reach Cicero, you will get the choice to spare him. If you spare him, then he will be there for you as a companion later. However, he’ll hide himself till the quests of Dark Brotherhood gets completed.

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5. Blood on the Ice

Blood on the Ice skyrim quest

This quest is a perfect option for those who would prefer being a detective. Blood on the ice is a perfect whodunit. Blood on the ice quest Skyrim can be very interesting as it will make you detective. In this, you’ve to hunt the leads and find out the evidence.

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Skyrim blood on the ice quest can make you feel like there should be more quests like this. Moreover, this quest consists of a range of real life, as well as in-game skills.

4. Elder Knowledge

Elder Knowledge skyrim quest

This is a great quest in Skyrim, which can take us to interesting locations. From the locations, we can find truly magnificent things.

The hunt for Elder Scroll can take you into depths of Dwemer ruins and Blackreach. Blackreach is one of the locations, which looks very attractive and appealing. In this, you’ve to handle one of the lengthiest dungeons in the game. Not only this, but you also have to fight with some strong opponents in the harsh environment.

Though you’ve to fight and all, everything will prove worth to you. However, this is possible only if you reach the Oculary and claim the Elder Scroll to yourself.

3. A Night to Remember Skyrim

A Night to Remember skyrim quest

This is “The Hangover” in the quest format. In this quest, you will see the mage (age-loving) in numerous inns around Skyrim, bent over his cup and involving into a drinking rivalry with you.

Now, you may want to ignore him as you have several bigger issues, but try to pamper him. Once you drank your fill, you will get up in the temple of Dibella. Here you’ll come across some allegations regarding your harsh behavior.

To enjoy one of the best quests in Skyrim, just follow all the clues until you conclude.

2. Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost skyrim quest

This is one of the nice quests in Skyrim. It removes the storyline of Dark Brotherhood. Moreover, this quest has to rank among the darkest quest in the game.

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This quest begins when you come to know about Aventus Aretino. He is a young boy in the Windheld city and is an orphan. Aventus Aretino performs “Black Sacrament”, an ancient ritual. In fact, he is trying to beckon a Dark Brotherhood’s agent, an order of assassins, which is not famous.

In this, when you enter the house of Aventus Aretino, bymistake he’ll consider you as a member of the order. As a result, he will ask you to murder an old lady who treats them badly. The old lady is the one who runs the orphanage where he and some other orphans stay.

This quest doesn’t contain any powerful mechanics to attract the gamer.

This is the 1st time, you’re going to taste the cold-blooded murder. Moreover, you’ve to think and find out a way to kill her without any noise.

1. To Kill an Empire

To Kill an Empire skyrim quest

When it comes to Skyrim, one of the most foolish things that some of you might do is assassinating the Emperor. However, this quest may be a little underwhelming. This is because politics will not get affected completely. Not only this, but it also will not affect the order around Skyrim.

If you’re a good assassin of the Brotherhood, you have to complete the deed, and it will be devoid of consequences.


I hope you got a clear idea about the highest paying quest in Skyrim and Skyrim 10 top quests as the information covered in this article is a clear picture of what we understand from our profound research.

Though we covered most of the information, if you have ay doubts in any of it, please do let us know.

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