Top 10 Best Minecraft horse

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When it comes to Minecraft, horses are one of the fastest modes of transportation. Having a horse can help you return to your base when you are caught in the night. In Minecraft, horses can be the best companion to you for your adventures.

Horses in Minecraft have the capability to jump fences, swim in shallow water, and climb hills. When you riding the horse if you want you can make use of several items. This includes weapons, potions, or crafting a blast furnace or enchantment table.

However, you might face difficulty in choosing the best horse for you. Considering this, here we are listing down 10 best horses in Minecraft.

10. Unicorns

unicorn Best minecraft horse

Unicorn is a brand new magical side in the Minecraft. This brand new side is launched by Mo’ Creatures Mod in the 1.6 update.

This horse has the ability to attack hostile mobs. They do this by lowering their horns and charges them with it. The temper of the unicorn is 400 and the speed is 1.3 blocks/sec.

Once you download and install Mo’ Creatures Mod, you can get the unicorn with the help of an Essence of Light on a Nightmare. Moreover, they can be bred with the help of two essences of light.

9. Mules

MuleNew Best minecraft horse

Mules are a combination of donkeys and horses. Like donkeys, mules also has the efficiency to carry chests. Not only this, but can also enlarge the inventory. As it is a combination of horse and donkey, it has an average speed of the horse. However, it may become slower when bred with a slow donkey and horse.

The jump strength of mules are 1.9 blocks high and speed is 7.5 blocks/sec and more than that.

8. Normal Horses

normal Best minecraft horse

You can find normal horses in a small herd of 2 to 6, as well as spawns in the savannas and plains. When choosing the horses, you must consider the health, jump strength, and speed of the horse. This horse has a speed of a minimum of 4.8 blocks/sec and a maximum of 14.5 blocks/sec. The jump strength of normal horses is 2 to 5 blocks high.

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7. Zombie Horse

zombie horse Best minecraft horse

As compared to Zombie Mobs, Zombie horses are of the passive type. If these horses get saddled and tamed, it can one of the fastest means of transportation. You can use this in jumping fences and climbing hills.

Moreover, these horses can be ridden in the water at any depth. It has a speed of 8.6 blocks per sec and has 1.9 to 5.2 blocks high of jump strength.

These horses don’t have the capability to spawn naturally. Zombie horse might be created by the command or using their spawn egg.

6. Donkeys

DonkeyNew Best minecraft horse

This is very famous for its capability to carry chests and consistent statistics. Donkeys may look less majestic, as well as shorter. These horses are capable enough to carry more resources and items when you are on long journeys.

The jump strength and speed of all the donkeys are the same. The speed is 7.5 blocks per second and jump strength is 1.9 blocks high.

You can find them in the villages, savanna, and plains.

5. Skeleton Horse

skeleton horse Best minecraft horse

This horse is the undead variant of the consistent horse and is one of the passive mobs. After the launch of 1.6 version, this horse can be spawned naturally in the wild. This horse can be spawned from skeleton traps.

Moreover, once this horse gets tamed, then they can also be galloped in the ocean at any depth. Not only this, but also can be galloped along the ocean floor.

The health stats of this horse is 7.5 hearts and the speed is 8.6 blocks/sec. This horse has a jump strength of 1.9 to 5.2 blocks high. You can attain this horse through skeleton traps.

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4. Nightmare

nightmare Best minecraft horse

This is a fire-proof horse, which has a fiery-reddish coat and has the efficiency to leave a fire trail behind them. The Nightmare has a speed of 1.3 blocks per second and has 25 hearts of health.

To get this horse, you have to give the Essence of Fire to a Zorse. Apart from this, you can even naturally spawn this horse in the Nether. Moreover, if you feed the nightmare with an essence of light, then you’ll get a unicorn.

3. The Ender Horse

ender horse 2 Best minecraft horse

This horse may be the fastest one as compared to all other horses in the Minecraft. You can try to spawn this horse using “The Ender Horse Addon”.

The Ender Horse Addon is a Mod, which is downloaded to spawn the secret Ender Horse. Its health is 33 hearts and has 8.6 blocks per second of speed.

Moreover, as it has 33 full hearts, it will not die easily. However, if you want to keep these horses alive, you must use bursts of harm potion.

2. Fairy House

fairy horse Best minecraft horse

The fairy house is one of the hardest and rarest horse to obtain. It comes in a range of color variations and as a result, you can get this horse only by breeding the Pegasus and rare unicorn. However, you’ve to lose both the precious horses during the breeding process

The temper of this horse is 900 and the health is 25 hearts.

You can get this horse with this help of Mo’ Creatures Mod. To do this, you’ve to breed a Unicorn and Pegasus altogether. Moreover, you can bred together 2 adult horses with the help of the essence of light. This will result in getting another fairy horse.

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1. Black Pegasus

black pegasus Best minecraft horse

It is Pegasus’s fireproof variant and is one of the fastest horses in the entire Minecraft. This horse spawns in caves and lives in the night. Not only this, but it gets enveloped in the complete darkness.

In fact, this horse type can’t be tamed if they are found in the wild.

The health of this horse type is 25 hearts and the temper is 800.

Now, let’s have a look at how to get this horse. If you want to get the tamed black Pegasus, then you’ve to feed the horse an essence of darkness. Along with this, you can do one more thing to get this horse. Just feed the Pegasus above the level of the cloud. This, in turn, can result in fireproof Black Pegasus. It is easy in creative but is difficult in survival mode.

Moreover, it can be armed with a chest and saddle.


Here in this list, we have covered the top 10 best Minecraft horse. By reading this blog, you will get an idea to choose the best horse in Minecraft.

Though we have covered almost everything about the listed horses, still if you have any doubt on it, you can let us know freely. We are ready to clear you.

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