Top 10 Best Food Items in Minecraft

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Food is always important as it is the fuel, which keeps you moving on. In Minecraft, food is the item that helps you stay alive and snag those essential buffs. Searching for the best foods will help you move on for several days.

When it comes to survival mode, in the starting days, there was food for recovering health. As a result, you’ll not find any type of hunger. Hunger and certain other things were added in the 2011 adventure update.

After the update, farming has become the major source of food in all the survival world. However, irrespective of spending huge amount of time in crop production, you might face difficulty in attaining a perfect grasp of resources.

Many players put their efforts on the finest food items. When it comes to food, your main focus might only on the level of food your item restores instead of considering the level of saturation.

Now, some of you may not aware of the difference between saturation and food level. Saturation refers to be hidden value. Having more amount of saturated foods will slowly reduce your level of hunger. Cookies, pumpkin pies, and cakes are the main food items, which can offer a good saturation level.

However, if you consider having various types of foods in a certain order, then it can enhance efficiency.

In this list, you can get to know about the 10 best food items in the game of Minecraft. Read and understand everything about the food items in Minecraft.

10. Cooked Salmon

Cooked Salmon minecraft

Cooked salmon can replace six hunger in Minecraft. To get this food item, you have to do fishing to catch some salmon. To enhance the possibilities and speed of catching salmon, use lure enchantment and luck of the sea.

When you get the Raw Salmon, keep it in the furnace to cook it.

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9. Cooked Mutton

Cooked Mutton minecraft

1-2 raw mutton chops are one of the common food items that you can consider. This food item can be found all over the biomes. It’s because you can easily find and breed sheep.

Moreover, there is one more thing that you must take care of. If the sheep gets burned to death, then it will drop cooked mutton.

8. Cake

Cake minecraft

The cake is considered as one of the best hunger replacement in Minecraft. Having a cake will fill up fourteen (14) hunger. Though this is a fact, making it is not so easy. To make this, you require some essential items. The items include 1 Egg, 3 Milk, 3 Wheat, and 2 Sugar.

To eat this food item, you have to place it down.

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7. Golden Carrot

Golden Carrot minecraft

This food item is the best option to spend the unused gold ingots that you have. For this, all you require is 9 gold nuggets (must be made from one gold ingot) and a normal carrot.

The golden carrots have the efficiency to give more saturation as compared to all other food items. Having some sweeter foods & meals, and the golden carrot (a balanced meal) is perfect. When it comes to eating sweeter foods, you can consider cookies or cake as per your desire.

6. Mushroom Stew

Mushroom Stew minecraft

The mushroom stew can replace 6 hunger. However, getting them is not as easy as attaining resources required for it is quite difficult. For this, you have to place a red mushroom, brown mushroom, and a bowl inside of a crafting table.

Apart from this, there is one more way to get this food item. This is with the help of a mushroom mob. Thinking how? If you get a mushroom mob, then you can make use of a bowl. This can make it to milk, which in turn, can provide you with a constant supply of Mushroom stew.

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5. Steak

Steak minecraft

Herds of cows are common from where you can get beef, as well as other essential items. You can drop 1-3 raw beef and cooked beef (steak). Moreover, if required, you can feed the wolves with steak. This will result in their faster growth and help them mate.

4. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie minecraft

This food item has the capability to replace 8 hunger. If you want, you can easily craft this food item inside a Crafting table. For this, you need pumpkin, sugar, and egg.

Additionally, you can find “pumpkin pie” inside a box in Taiga villages or can acquire from the Farmer Villagers.

3. Golden Apple

Golden Apple minecraft

In the list of best food items in Minecraft, this is one of the perfect food items. However, this food item doesn’t have the efficiency to restore too much hunger. In fact, it can heal up to two hearts for a few seconds and can provide two absorption levels.

You can craft this food item, but for this, you require an apple with eight gold ingots. Apart from this, it can be found in the chest in some places. The places include Igloos, Dungeons, Mineshafts, Woodland Mansions, Underwater Ruins, and Strongholds.

2. Rabbit Stew

Rabbit Stew minecraft

This food item is not a well-known or common dish among the players of Minecraft. However, this is the best food item if you want to restore the hunger points.

This food item has the efficiency to replace 10 hunger. However, to craft this food item, certain ingredients are required. This includes a bowl, baked potato, cooked rabbit, carrot, and mushroom. Now, to craft this food item, you’ve to take all these ingredients and mix it properly.

In addition to this, there is one more thing, which you must take into consideration. It is getting these ingredients can be quite a difficult task.

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1. Enchanted Golden Apple

Enchanted Golden Apple minecraft

This is one of the best food items in Minecraft. In fact, it’s the most effective and rarest food item in the entire game. Enchanted Golden Apple is the improved version of standard golden apple.

To attain this food, the only method is through loot chests. It means you cannot craft this food. This food item will provide you with Absorption 4 and better health regen.

When it comes to enchanted golden apple, you’ll find it rarely in Desert Temples, Woodland Mansions, Dungeons, and Mineshafts. This food item can provide you with eight hearts of absorption health, 20% resistance to all the things for 5 minutes, and heal two hearts of health.

Moreover, you can consider this food item to solve the problems you face during the game.

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From this blog, we hope that you understand the best food items in Minecraft. We have done thorough research to present this blog to you. As a result, we have covered certain details about the food items that we got from the research.

Along with this, if you require more details about any of the food items included in this list, do comment.

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