Top 7 Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

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Minecraft is one of the best entertaining games, and many people are interested in playing this. When you reach the mid-late part of the Minecraft game, you’ll become capable of crafting an Enchanting Table.

Along with this, you’ll also start upgrading the weapons, tools, and armors. However, before you start doing all these things, make sure that you have reached at least the 30th level. It’s because, in this way, you will get more number of enchantments.

Today, in this blog, we’re mentioning the top 7 best bow enchantments in Minecraft.

Have a look.

7. Punch

punch bow enchantments minecraft

This is an alternative word for Knockback for the sword enchantment. With this, the bow gets the power to knock back the rivals to a length, which is quite away from their starting position. Punch is very effective if you want to push your opponents while chasing.

Moreover, this is also effective when you’re pushing your rival to a hole in the ground.

You can add this bow enchantment to any bows that use the enchanting table, game command, or anvil. After this, use the enchanted bow for fighting and make your opponents repel backward when they strike with an arrow.

For this bow enchantment, the maximum level is two (2). This indicates that you, as a gamer, have the power to enchant a bow with up to Punch II. If you have a bow enchanted with Punch, then you have to hold the enchanted bow in your hand and make use of it. Moreover, when you use “Punch” to attack, you will visualize a higher knockback deal to the mob when the arrow hits.

6. Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing bow enchantments minecraft

With this best-enchanted bow enchantment, all your equipment will vanish when you die. So, for example, if you’re using this enchantment, it will vanish your weapon after your death.

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Thus, it would help if you did not use this for the weapons you want to keep. This enchantment is of no use for a single player. However, this is not the scenario for multiplayer mode; this has some uses in it.

For example, your team can use this bow enchantment when you’re on factions or a survival server. However, this is applicable only if you’re planning to raid certain strong enemy bases. Thus, your enemies will never get your weapons if they will kill you.

You can purchase this enchantment from villagers, or else you’ve to find it in chests all over the Minecraft world. However, always keep in mind that you will not get this by using the enchantment table.

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5. Flame

flame bow enchantments minecraft

With this Minecraft best bow enchantment, you’ll get the efficiency to set a target on fire upon being hit by an arrow. It is effective and impressive when you’re playing on an online server. When your enemy players try to retreat, they will not sprint away because of the fire damage. This is because fire is the way to move on as it manages half a heart per second.

This Minecraft best bow enchantment plays the role of a best supportive feature for your bow. Moreover, setting all your rivals on fire for fun is one of the coolest and best enchantments.

Additionally, the mob would not drop any experience orbs until and unless you manage the normal damages. Thus, you can remove several mobs with just one shot when this bow enchantment is used along with power enchantment.

4. Unbreaking

unbreaking bow enchantments minecraft

This bow enchantment can enhance the bow’s durability. This indicates that your bow can fire more arrows as compared to earlier. However, it will not rebuild or repair your bow like mending.

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Moreover, before breaking the bow, the third level of unbreaking enchantment can help you shoot over 6000 arrows.

Apart from this, several players said that the combination of Infinity and Unbreaking satisfies the demands of Infinity enchantments. It also prevents your bow from breaking out of a bow, which fires up to 365 arrows only devoid of unbreaking enchantment.

When it comes to this best Minecraft bow, you can throw it on a bow in a certain just-in-case situation. However, unbreaking also functions on long-lasting things.

3. Power

power bow enchantments minecraft

This is the bow enchantment that has the highest maximum level (V). Therefore, it enhances the damage of every arrow. Moreover, the damage of every arrow per level gets increased by 25%.

In this, the damages get rounded up to nearby half-heart. Moreover, there are five power levels that you can include in your bows. This will increase your charged shots to a maximum of 150% more damage than the usual damages.

This is the perfect bow enchantment for the archers. With this, you can dispatch the rivals quickly. Moreover, it takes down the health of Enderdragon in the End.

2. Infinity

Infinity bow enchantments minecraft

Infinity is the best enchantment when it comes to bows for Minecraft. The maximum level of this bow enchantment is I. In addition, it can prevent the bow from having arrows during usage.

The players will get boundless arrows with this best bow enchants Minecraft. This will be an advantage for the players against their rivals who are limited on ammo. Moreover, they have to take only one arrow for the bow to fire.

This best Minecraft bow enchantment helps you fire arrows continuously. Not only this, but it also helps you never run out as long as you have a minimum of 1 in your inventory.

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Moreover, you can repair these bows easily at anvils using wooden items. However, this is possible if you have levels.

1. Mending

Mending bow enchantments minecraft

This best bow Minecraft, which might not provide you with any additional damage. Not only this, but it also may not provide you with several arrows at your disposal. Though all these are the facts, you will become able to repair your bow automatically with this enchantment. This is applicable whenever you kill your enemy player or mob.

Are you thinking how?

It’s simple. The XP collected from the mob or enemy player you kill using the bow will repair your bow. However, the bow must have the mending enchantment. This will help you in saving the precious time required to develop an anvil.

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Now you may be clear about the bow best enchantments in Minecraft. We have explained the top 7 best bow enchantments in Minecraft. As a result, this article can be the best fit for all those interested in knowing about the Minecraft bow enchantments.

Still, if you’ve any doubt or want to know more, please let us know in the comments.


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