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Minecraft is an interesting game and as a result, many players are fond of playing this game. However, when it comes to Minecraft 1.8, there is an addition of banners. Players can their own banner designs. After designing the banners, players can hang it on the walls.

When it comes to designing the banners, you’ll come across a wide array of designs online.

The common use of these banners is done prior to using one or dual color only. It features 6 diverse patterns and has 16 colors. Moreover, you can make use of banners for decorating the house for navigation.

With the latest updates, the features of the banner have become better. It’s due to the addition of the Loom block. Moreover, you are allowed to do almost all the patterns possible with the right materials, pattern techniques, and dye.

Now, are you playing on Minecraft Java Edition? If yes, you will require a loom to create banners. However, at the same time, players of Bedrock Edition can make use of both Loom and Crafting Table.

Creating and placing a banner design is tedious mainly if you’re creating a difficult pattern. This feature can become an asset for players who are interested in customizing their game.

After reading till here, some of you might have interest to know the best banners in Minecraft. Considering this, here, in this article, we are showcasing a list of 10 best banner designs in Minecraft.

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10. Dragon Banner

dragon banner

This is one another best banner that can craft a perfect clan logo. Not only this, but also can hang up in the evil lair.

In fact, it makes use of all the layers available to achieve the final result.

9. Panda Banner


This banner is the animal-themed one in Minecraft. Panda banner can be a best and stunning clan banner as its design is amazing. However, if you’re making use of other texture packs, you must be attentive.

Moreover, if you’re using Sphax PureBDCraft with this banner, then the Panda will become little bit zombified.

8. PVP Banner


This is a minimalist banner that makes use of a gradient background. PvP banner can create a great symbol for the clan if you’re playing a survival world or PvP server. Moreover, it looks better on a shield.

7. Villager Banner


When it comes to this banner, one of the perfect places to hang is in the village. The shape of this banner is rectangular and as a result, the appearance of this banner is like villagers when the patterns are applied.

6. UK Flag Banner


With this, we got the flag for the United Kingdom (UK). UK flags can make the best interior place close to the fireplace.

5. Duck Banner


Though there are many interesting banners, duck banner is the cutest banner. The background of this banner has a bright yellow color and features the face of the duck.

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The design is available for a Chicken as well, but it makes use of a range of layers that can be made use in the survival mode.

4. Bunny Rabbit Banner


This makes a bunny rabbit on the background with a light blue color. It’s an amazing banner as the community can come up with the things by combining the shapes together.

Moreover, with this banner, you can make use of any color for the background.

3. Pokeball Banner


No matter whether the world to which you’re going is pokemon-themed or any other, this banner works amazingly in all the styles of the world. It makes use of all the seven available layers.

2. American Flag Banner

american flag

The appearance of these banners is amazing. It is one of the most interesting additions when it comes to the outdoors of the player home. This flag banner is precise.

1. Fox Banner


In Minecraft, fox banner looks great. When it comes to pattern, it makes use of six diverse layers. This banner can craft an amazing clan banner. Not only this, but it can also be used for some sorts of the market store on an RPG server.

However, this may not look perfect on certain packs of texture.


We hope now you are clear with the best banners in Minecraft.  Additionally, if you need any more info or having any doubt, then reach us at the earliest.

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