10 Best classes in black desert

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Black dessert has several classes and as a result, choosing the best class for you can be a difficult task. Each class is varied and unique in its strategy, playstyle, and combos.

However, this blog can help you choose the best class in the black desert as we have clearly mentioned about 10 black dessert online classes.

1. Dark Knight

dark knight

It is one of the most familiar black desert online classes. Moreover, this class is criticized by players as “underpowered”.

With this, you will get the fastest oppressive experiences. When it comes to this class, the significant weapons circles around focused hits, strong, etc. Moreover, you will not get bored with this class as it is a combination of spellcasting and melee attacks.

2. Maehwa


This is a highly-mobile class having huge burst damage. As a result, you will have a massive element of surprise in 1v1s. Along with this, you will also get benefit from the super-fast grinding speeds.

She uses balanced mechanics, which in turn make her one of the great and best investment for the long-term.

Single-target damage is considered to be one of the highest in the entire game. Thus, you must isolate all your rivals in PvP and must wait for the correct openings.

3. Shai


This is a special one in several ways. Shai is the one and only, which makes use of all sorts of life skill benefits. Along with this, it also uses 10% extra Alchemy XP/Gathering and massive weight limit gain on each level.

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PvE grinding with this class is fun-filled, but it doesn’t do any kind of PvP damage. Moreover, the choices of her skill are limited to buffs and heal. As a result, she is an essential part of PvP of large scale.

In fact, killing her is not possible.

4. Lahn


This is one of the entertaining black dessert online classes. She has the efficiency to slither long distances in the air. This, in turn, will provide them with the benefit of surprise attacks in PvP.

The main, as well as awakening weapons of Lahn, focuses on the close-quarters fight. The combos of lahn are fluent. Moreover, with both of her weapons, you will feel you are dancing with your rivals.

5. Tamer


When it comes to classes in the black desert online, tamer is considered to be the true loli. She always comes with Heilang (trusty evil dog pet). Tamer controls this dog directly and stuns all her rivals. Not only this, but also makes use of it as a mount instead of a horse.

As its defenses are low, Tamer depend on dodging, patience, as well as positioning.

6. Witch


As compared to rest of the fast-paced BDO classes, it plays more than traditional MMOs. This is an all-around class and also a great suggestion for gamers who are coming from other MMORPGs. It’s because the evolution to the fast action fight of black dessert online will be smoother.

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7. Berserker


This is one of the unique BDO classes due to his ultra-fun combat style, as well as terrible aesthetics. You have to interrupt the battleground by stamping the rivals. Not only this, but also can take them for aerial walks.

With this class, you will have more burst damage. In node wars, the demand for berserker will be high and you will not experience any kind of problems with Grinding.

8. Ninja


The release date of this class is the 20th of July 2016. It is a high-reward or high-skill class. Ninja’s ability in using the Stealth and move hidden paves a new kind of gameplay for a black dessert online.

This class is the king of 1v1 PvP. Now, when it comes to PvP, you will find difficulty in managing large scale PvP. However, this is a chance for you to prove the perfect and true leader on the battleground.

9. Wizard


This class is more aggressive as compared to the witch. The presence of the wizard on large scale PvP is necessary as it provides massive burst damage. Not only this, but also offer powerful supporting abilities.

You’ll not experience any issue in grinding high or low tier areas. However, at the same time, you must be careful about the rivals. It’s because if in case you get caught in a 1v1, then the possibility of your survival will be very low.

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10. Warrior


This class is Valkyrie’s male counterpart. However, as compared to her, the warrior is more aggressive.

In MMORPG, this is the unique warrior class. Some classes can take you on 1v1 due to your strong self-sustain. No matter whether PvP is of large scale or small scale, this is an important tool.

A good warrior can change the entire game.

Final Words

Black dessert class plays a vital role in the entire game. Each class is different and has its own unique characteristics.

We hope you all are crystal clear about the listed ten best classes in black dessert online. Now, choose the best class for you.

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