Top 10 Best Conjuration Spells

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In this article, we have covered information about the best conjuration spells. The information covered in this is what we understand from our research on conjuration spells.

Skyrim consists of a wide array of spells, which offers bonuses, as well as playstyles as per the school of magic. However, as compared to other magic schools, conjuration is unique as it provides many things that other magic schools cannot offer.

With conjuration, the players get the chance to summon almost anything that they think. For example, if you are a player, then with conjuration, you can summon atronachs, deadric loans, etc. to fight along with you.

Now, as our topic is best conjurations spells, let’s have a look into 10 best conjuration spells.

10. Reanimate Corpse

Reanimate Corpse spell skyrim

Most of the people think that it is restricted to human corpses, but it is not true. When it comes to this, you can revive anything from bears to bandits. In fact, its general applicability is the one that makes it an amazing spell.

9. Conjure Wrathman

Conjure Wrathman spell skyrim

A Wrathman refers to be an undead warrior that you can bid right out of the Soul Cairn. This is for fighting your toes with the spark, which is coming out from the ethereal and necromancy.

Do you want to know the way to beckon this creature? You can find the answer to this question from the south of Jiub’s Opus in the place where you can find the 5th page.

Moreover, to access the Soul Cairn in the 1st place, you need a skilled conjurer for casting and Dawnguard DLC.

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8. Summon Unbound Dreora

Summon Unbound Dreora spell skyrim

This novice level spell is a wired kind of conjuration spell. It requires a minimum conjuration level of 90 prior to obtaining it.

7. Bound Bow

Bound Bow spell skyrim

This conjuration spell summons a daedric bow along with arrows for you to make use of 2 minutes. It comes with 100 ethereal arrows, which can help you let fire indeterminately during its duration.

This can be helpful for you in some situation if you’re a summoner or a melee character. The situation is when you’ve to kill some object from a distance.

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6. Bound Sword

Bound Sword spell skyrim

It is same as a bound sword. This conjuration spell will be there to get you out of a very tight situation easily. This is because, in this scenario, it summons a daedric sword for you. You can use the sword for 2 minutes.

The Bound Sword is very much useful for conjurers who are having a taste of dealing toe to toe with the opponents. This weapon summon has 9 points as the initial power. It can be updated with the Mystic Binding Perk. Moreover, if you’re looking forward to go for a warrior-conjurer build, which depends heavily on magic, then this is beneficial.

When it comes to this sword, you can get it in the early stages of the game from Phinis Gestor and Falion.

5. Conjure Frost Atronach

Conjure Frost Atronach spell skyrim

It is almost same as the flame atronach. This conjuration spell will beckon a potent being who can help you in the fight. However, as compared to flame atronach, this spell will last twice as long as for 2 minutes.

To use this conjuration spell, you have to reach the conjuration level of 40. This you can obtain by talking to Phinis Gestor. However, after 2 minutes, this conjuration spell will explode. Though it will explode, it will cause a lot of damage to rivals around him. One more thing, don’t stand too close to it as you will get hit.

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4. Soul Trap

Soul Trap spell skyrim

This is an Apprentice-level spell, which you can make use when fighting with enemies. Soul trap works in such a way that they fill the soul gem. This they do only if they die in 60 seconds once the spell is cast.

Though the soul trap is not a powerful spell, it can keep all your enthralled items completely charged. They keep the items charged if you constantly make use of the items while encountering with opponents.

3. Conjure Dremora Lord

Conjure Dremora Lord spell skyrim

In “The Elder Scrolls” series, Daedra is considered as the most remarkable enemies. Their scary appearance and armor with stunning looks make them a prospect to behold. However, you can train any of the daedric soldiers with a Conjure Dremora Lord Spell. This beckons a Dremora Lord for some time, finish with a greatsword and daedric armor. They have insufficient range damage. However, if you have an opponent charge you, the Dremora Lord will surely chop all the rivals in a hurry.

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2. Conjure Ash Spawn

Conjure Ash Spawn spell skyrim

Conjure Ash Spawn is where the attractiveness of conjuration spells showcases their rewards and risk. This happens because each time when you beckon the Ash Spawn, a Heart Stone is taken from your inventory. This is done to produce a fruitful spawn. You can get the Heart Stone from the mines present in Solstheim.

Now, if you try the spell without having a heart stone to provide, then the creature that you conjure will be against you. Thus, you’ve to be very careful towards your items and just don’t beckon any creature on a whim. If you are following the path of mage, then this is one of the powerful spells that you can cast. In fact, the risk associated with this spell is the one that makes it so great. It can make you face the dangers linked with the careless usage of magic.

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Moreover, this conjuration spell needs the Dragonborn DLC, which you can purchase only from Talvas Fathryon. However, you can only buy after finishing the quest “Telvanni Research”.

1. Dead Thrall

Dead Thrall spell skyrim

This is the best conjuration spell that you can make use in Skyrim. It can receive any things on it after its death. This indicates that you can gear your thrall out with all the items you find as best.

If you’re interested to have a tanky meat shield along with full daedric gear, then give this conjuration spell a daedric set, as well as revive them.

Moreover, this is the most powerful conjuration spell. It has the efficiency to bring back a zombie enduringly. Dead thrall can even bring back two zombies, but for this, you’ve to invest in the “Twin Souls Perk”.


I believe that now all of you have got to know about the best 10 conjuration spells. It’s because we have covered almost every information about the 10 conjuration spells.

Apart from this, if you need any extra info about any of these conjuration spells, feel free to let us know by commenting

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